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Anxiety connection

I am 21 years old. the past 3 years has been awful! I started struggeling with IBS, GERD. all resulting in pain in various areas on my body and spasma's all the symtoms possible. My mother and I couldnt understand why all of a sudden I have all these chronic problems. I even ended up in th hospital and many specialised docters. No one has been able to help me keep any of my symtoms under control!
Until resantly I dicoverd or rembered that when I was 16 years-19 old, I've had 12 mild to very seriuos panic attacks. And I struggle with stress alot,that I know. I feel that my body is acting out with the stress I feel.
What can I do to cure this? What can I do or use to cure it completely. Casue all of these symtoms are driving  me up the wall and it's getting worse and worse-God forbid!

Thank you Faith690
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I would find a new GI doctor, it doesn't sound as if your current doctor is doing you any good!
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hey faith,

i'm in the same boat.. I just got tested like a lab rat for 3 years and blew all my life savings trying to figure out anything and why I was having bad pains on my left side..upper left abdominal area, constipation, bad spasms.  Every specialist and doctor has said "oh it's IBS, eat fiber you'll be better" but I knew it was more since my hands are constantly sweaty..nausea.. adbominal pain..insomnia..IBS-C..so i'm going to the doctor next monday to ask for anti-anxiety meds.  I've done the fiber routine, drinking mass water but it takes me half a day just to get out of the house.

From research i've done, the natural way of beating this is some heavy exercise..sounds hard to do when you're sick but you gotta do it, raise endorphins (not sure if I spelled that right).  Another way is st. johns wort or meletonin or 5-HTP pills (all increase seretonin).  Also, i've heard of congnetive therapy which is basically whatever is causing your fears and just face them on purpose daily just forcing yourself through the anxiety.  Also when you feel an attack coming on, put your thumbs in your hands by your side and breath slowly.  Sounds stupid but i've been doing it.

The doctor route is either a short dose of anti-anxiety meds or long term anti-depressants like lexapro or another anti-axiety types.  I'm trying to avoid the anti-depressants as much as possible since the FAA totally frowns on the idea.   Librax has anti-spasmodic/anti-anxiety meds in one pill but they make you alittle drowsy... I'd go to your family doctor and ask maybe for a short short trial of antianxiety meds (buspar is pretty safe long term but they are habit forming so be careful..it's not a long term solution) and then after hit the natural route as much as possible.  5-HTP sometimes helps some people but not everyone but it's totally safe..there's also "calm forte" at grocery stores that's supposed to help you relax.  Tell your friends what you're having too..helps to have friends understand what you're going through instead of being an anti-social hermit like I am.  Hey least you're married... hopefully your hubby is helping you out.  On the GERD i'd take whatever you doctor presribes..stay away from acidic stuff as usual.

Anyway good luck!
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oh yeah and stick to fiber... even if you're having diaerreah..by the time you get out of this anxiety funk you're GI system will be better with fiber.

Ok done writing a book... hang in there.
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ok i'm really bored...avoid lactose and heavy fats too.. could be an allergy you're dealing with.  Maybe a blood test for celiac too.
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Thank you so much Matthew007!

I'm glad  at least it makes sense to you and that you understand!

Thank you for your advice I will surely try it!!!
I have really tried to cahnge my eating habits & trying to stay away from lactose-do you think it's all right to use powder milk or organic milk--i love milk too much to totally exclude it from my diet. but if it is a must then I should?

I truelly believe in EXERCISE!! But my husband makes it extremely hard for me to get to the gym! We have a very busy lifestyle- I suggested that we at least try and take a half-hour walk most days after work & then carry on with all the meetings....ect. we have to attend!
Yes I am truelly blessed with a husband that supports me as best as he can(although he doesnt understand what i am going through)

But I have been so imbarressed when my parents-in-law fing out I'm going to the docter AGAIN! So I want to stay away as far as possible!!!

Gain thank you! I'll contact you again if i have any other questions!
Best advice is given from people that have suffered the same thing!
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Dear Faith,
I like Matthew's advice about the short-term tranquilizers, because anxiety can indeed cause lots of acid in the tummy, and thus the indigestion.  And his tip about deep breathing is right on, it will drop the panic level substantial.  As for your mother- and father-in-law, you don't have to tell them you're seeing a doc, that's private.  On the milk front, you can drink soy milk or rice milk, I used to drink those all the time, you get used to the slightly different taste.

I hope when you go back to a doc, ask them to draw blood and make sure you don't have an intestinal bacteria.  The doc also should make sure your heartrate and blood pressure are in order.  He can also give you medicine to help with your digestion, but I assume you're already on something; he can always add another kind.  Ordinary alka seltzer is good for pain in the guts from gas.  Also, keep in mind that some medications other than tummy stuff can cause your symptoms, have the doc review side effects all the stuff you take, including vitamins and birth control.

In the meantime, I might suggest you get into eating fresh blueberries, a couple handfuls twice a week, and also dark green salads on occasion, and eat whole grains.  And review your work situation, if you feel like you can't come up for air often enough because you're so busy and all, you have to (a) slow down your work levels and quit rushing around and (b) literally carve out some "me" time about three days a week, like get up a little earlier and sit on the porch in the morning light, or in the evenings take a long soak by candlelight, lock the door.  And I love your idea of going for walks with your husband, even on weekends it's a good idea.  If you have children, get a babysitter and go out to a movie or dinner for "date night" a couple times a month.
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