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Appendicitis, really?

I had a strange, still unexplained, episode of extreme belching, abdominal pain (shallow pain, not deep inside), and mild fever. I feel perfectly fine now, 10 days after the episode. I am trying to figure out what the ailment really was.

Day 0: For dinner, I ate reheated leftovers from the previous night, which included mushrooms, chick peas and kidney beans. I had no gas the previous day.

Day 1: I had slept late and woke up late. Had a late breakfast. Before I could have lunch, around 2pm, I suddenly felt an urgent need to go clear my colon. No constipation. No diahorrea. Everything looked normal. The only special thing that happened is that I cleared out my entire colon, perhaps small intestine, and stomach.
And I skipped lunch (too busy with work). By 5-6pm, I had some gas formation in my stomach, mostly belching, very little flatulence. I had dinner around 6pm, but the gas was really bothering me. I was belching about 50 times each hour.
Then I began to have pain in my abdomen, slightly below the skin, but all over my abdomen. Standing up straight increased the pain. Belching made the pain reduce a bit, but both the bloating and the pain returned soon.
I cleared my bowel 4 more times before midnight, to reduce the bloating. Everything looked normal. However, I had intense pain. I used a hot-water bag to soothe the pain and even took a warm shower. No improvement. I thought I should try to sleep.

Day 2: I could not sleep. I lay awake in bed, tossing and turning ever 5-10 minutes. No position was comfortable.
My mind was in utter confusion, usually termed as malaise.
By 5am, I had fever.
By 7am, I took a tylenol. Went off to sleep until 2pm in the afternoon.
When I woke up, the bloating was still there. The belching too. Each belch reduced the pain, just like the previous evening.
I was afraid of a worsening situation. Around 9pm, I went to a hospital. They conducted various tests.

Day 3: Still awake, after midnight at the hospital.
The doctor palpated my abdomen and said that I had peritonitis.
The results of various tests began to come in - moderately higher white blood cell count, and a radiology report stating that everything looks normal, except an acute appendicitis.
I had no nausea, no vomiting, no constipation, no diahorrea, no loss of appetite, no trouble with urination.
Just extreme belching, higher than normal flatulence, all-over shallow abdominal pain, and mild fever.
I did not believe that I had appendicitis (I had already looked up the symptoms online before going to the hospital).
The doctor would not show me the CT scan or explain more details, instead the doctor told me to ask the surgeon for more details in the morning.
I was not convinced.

At 4am, I was given an antibiotic shot along with IV fluids in preparation for surgery and admitted to the hospital.
By 6am, I had absolutely no pain. I still had a little bloating and belching.
I had declined pain medication, so I was certain that the pain was really gone.
No pain at all on palpation. I could stand straight, walk around, etc. No pain at all.
At 8am, I was rolled into the operating room for appendectomy.
I did not want to do the surgery. The surgeon discussed the risks with me and agreed to keep me under observation.
By 11am, my temperature dropped to my normal.
By 1pm, my WBC count dropped, although still slightly above normal.
By 3pm, my blood pressure dropped to my normal. The bloating had reduced drastically. I had a meal and slept for 2 hours.
By 5pm, all of my stats had returned to perfectly normal. I was discharged from the hospital.

10 days have passed since then. I have felt nothing abnormal in my abdomen since then.

The hospital still claims that I had appendicitis and that my body (and perhaps the antibiotic) helped get resolve the appendicitis.
The doctor says that I probably have smoldering appendicitis.

I did some more research online to match my symptoms.
1. My symptoms appear to best match Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis. Peritonitis, yes, I had that. Spontaneous, due to what? I do not know. Perforation in my intestine or appendix, due to gas? Food poisoning from the leftovers I had eaten? Not sure.
2. There's also the possibility of Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. Remember, I had cleared out my entire digestive system a few hours before the entire problem started.

Appendicitis? I am still not convinced.

Although I have no pain in my abdomen or any symptoms of appendicitis, I have a psychological block now. I can't not think about appendicitis. While placebo can resolve illnesses, the thought of having a problem can sometimes make you feel that you have a problem. I have these psychological feelings of uneasiness in my abdomen. How do I know it is psychological? I only feel the uneasiness when I think about appendicitis. I really need to know what ailment I had which was diagnosed as appendicitis.

Can an unruptured appendix cause peritonitis?
Can the entire pain due to appendicitis disappear in 2 hours after an antibiotic shot?
If it is smoldering appendicitis, how soon should I expect a repeat episode?
Was it just food poisoning?
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I don't buy this either.  Peritonitis is very serious and is caused by something else going on in the body. "Smoldering appendicitis" can cause peritonitis, BUT the appendix would have to be removed immediately! There is no cure for appendicitis, not even antibiotics.  You are wise to question this!  The perforation of your intestine could have caused the peritonitis, it allows bateria into your abdomen.  I would get a second opinion on this, and I would not give appendicitis another thought!  But you do need to get to the root of your problem, and I would start by ruling out the appendix.  Appendicitis doesn't go away, and if it were so inflamed to cause your peritonitis then why wasn't it removed?  
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