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Ok, I've just been put on a limited salt diet because of mild asities with cirrhosis.
I'm ready to go.  Life has become immesurably harder.  I also have relatively high ammonia levels and forgetfuless and confusion.  I really don't leave the house much anymore.
I'm hoping for a bleed.  Anything I can do to help that along?
I really am ready to pass on.
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Do you know your M.E.L.D. score? I'm trying to understand how you are so sick that you would like to pass on? When you say mild ascites, does your abdoman have to be drained?  Do you have jaundice? What is the underlying cause for your cirrhosis? Drinking, HepC?
You may be having a flare up. I have hepc since 1972, cirrhosis since 1993. Very mild ascites around stomach lining. I haven't left house for over a year, just to get groceries. Like you, had high ammonia levels, confused, forgetful. Chronic Pancreatitis, Peripheral Neuropothy, Gallbladder removed, Portal Hypertension.
Please let me know.
If your were a drinker I hope you have stopped by now. If not, you are destroying your liver.
Must limit fat intake and protein. High carbohydrate diet.  
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