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B12 Injections Before Testing For Pernicious Anemia?

My endocrinologist tested me for B12 deficiency. In the past, I’ve always been high because I would take supplements, and I guess they take forever to get out of your system. Anyway, I haven’t even taken a multivitamin in maybe half a year, and finally tested deficient. The doctor suggested injections and wants to test me for PA next visit, but that won’t be till June. I am going to see if my general practitioner can test me sooner, but don’t want to start supplementing again out of fear that my results will be high again, not low.

I have long suspected that I may have this issue for about a decade now, but it has always been ignored because of the supplement results, or symptoms from my pregnancy, or the final discovery of hypothyroidism caused by Hashimotos, (another disease that took forever to diagnose)

Any way, I want to start injections right away since sublingual has very little symptom reduction, and every time I had the opportunity to try injections I have missed out on them (different story). I don’t want to start them however if they could potentially tell the tester than I’m healthy when I know I’m not. What should I do?
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I have autoimmune pernicious anaemia, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, vitiligo, alopecia areta (aa in remission). I had symptoms of B12 malabsorption for many decades undiagnosed. I have used sublingual B12 spray for 9 years now.

I gave my sister the same B12 spray (she has the same four autoimmune diseases) but she did not do well on this. I figured out the reason is because she smokes (smokers do not do well with cyanocobalamin). So she has been on injections (hydroxocobalamin) although too far apart. I discovered methylcobalamin spray had been allowed into Australia and bought her this to try. She has been using this and she is much better.

If you find you only do well on injections do take then regularly. The standard treatment states once every three months! I would say once a week. But I love my spray daily! If you have autoimmune pernicious, antibodies will be positive no matter if you started B12 or not prior to testing.
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