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Bacterial overgrowth

My question is what's causing my small intestinal bacterial overgrowth? For years I've suffered from terrible flatulence and recently I had a course of antibiotics which made it completely stop! It was amazing! It sounds trivial to some people but it really isn't, my flatulence ruins my life. It is very socially limiting.

I also noticed when I had the antibiotics my stools ceased being yellow which I believe happened because bacteria deconjugates bile. Please help, this has been going on for a very long time and I really feel like a solution is near.

Other: have chronically elevated bilirubin and osteomalacia

Thanks in advance
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Antibiotics are great,it  kills bacteria causing problems, unfortunately,  it also kills the good bacteria that our body needs. for proper digestion . This is where taking Probiotics  helps... Build your friendly bacteria back in your intestines.
Ways to build : There are many Probiotics pills/ capsules in the market now,
or you could use Milk Kefir, Plain Greek Yogurt with LIVE CULTURES,.These are to be taken daily.

For excessive gas- Do you have food allergies ?
Lactose allergy is very common and people are often not aware they have them. Watch how drinking milk and eating cheese and other dairy products affect your gassiness.
If its milk, you could take inexpensive Lactobacillus acidophillus pills  ...take per bottle instructions

If its not that, you could try Anti gas Enzymes capsules - this is just anti gas over all.. All these pills  are available on line.

Socially, passing gas can be deodorized.. by taking Chlorophyll pills. It deodorizes body excretions, breath, and  yes, even passing gas and Going t#2. . Chlorophyll is  rich in Magnesium..

Magnesium Glycinate caps taken with Vit D3 would be good for Osteomalacia. To be taken per bottle instructions.

And of course, it will help for you  to google all of these-- for more info and I hope its not over whelming to you..We all need to learn to take care of ourselves.. we just need directions to get there..

i wish you well. Keep us posted as to how you're doing..
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I think I've had a massive breakthrough, I believe problem is a lack of bile. I've been taking ox bile for a couple of days and there's been a massive improvement. It makes perfect sense that a lack of bile would cause bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine so my question now is is this a plausible explanation for the increased billirubin in my blood tests. .
The onset of my digestive problems coincides with a visit to the hospital I had ten years ago for stomach pains which they thought was gallstones.  Eventually after not finding anything they said it could be gilbert syndrome but I don't think it was. I think it was gallstones and something, perhaps the bile duct, was damaged. I want to know, preferably from a medical professional, if this is possible explanation.  I appreciate this may sound like i am hypochondriact, but  I not, Im just obsessed by this problem which has alliantated for soo long
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Hi john226,

How has the ox bile worked out 2 years later as a flatulence panacea?

I'm not a medical professional so can't confirm whether your hypothesis is viable or not, but I'm very curious if your experience with the ox bile suggests that it may have been helpful. My hypothesis around it relates to excessive fat consumption impairing the efficacy of bile acids in the small intestine resulting in a propensity for incomplete digestion and too much microbial fermentation. Whatever the mechanism, I imagine ox bile supplementation in combination with a low fat diet should be of therapeutic benefit.

Looking forward to hearing about your experience!
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