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Bad Breath/Body Odor Problems elated?

Several problems, where to start?
First problem is that I smell bad. Not like normal B/O from sweat or from being dirty. I can
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My father in law is an oral surgeon, he says the most common reason for bad breath is not flossing enough-try flossing twice a day and see if that helps.  Also a doctor can help you with your sweating issues-I think they do injections of botox into your armpits,etc. for excessive sweating.  Also, you sound stressed-try to relax-I know this is easier said then done, but give it a try.  I hope this helps
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What an awful way to live your life - I'm really sorry to hear about your problem.  The previous poster gave some excellent advice.  First, rule out a dental problem.  Next, go see your family doc and see what you can find out.  Who knows?  You may have some kind of bacterial or even fungal infection going on that can be easily treated.  You won't know until to you ask.
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WicksEnd, you are not alone. There are many people with your kind of symptoms including myself. Found this Forum by accident. I usually post on Apria Resources " My breath smells like rotten eggs". Check it out.
The smell is from Hydrogen Sulfide produced when we digest foods such as dairy products, garlic, onions and alcohol. Halitosis is your first search. Most of us, our problem goes way beyond that. Diet is the big one.  Activated Charcoal will instantly get rid of the odour. Though you have to take it 2 hours before or after you eat. We are also finding that Ultimate Flora and Flora Balance help restore the bacterial balance within the intestines. This also helps. This is almost like we are treating Candida but we do not know. The HS is being absorbed into your blood stream and out through your lungs or pores in extreme cases. To me, this lends to Leaky Gut Syndrome. There are alot of un-answered questions but there is relief. Good Luck.
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I am so sorry to hear your problem...looks like we are sailing in the same boat....

I had bad breath problem too but I went to this doctor n he did wonders for me....here is the website

he lives in San Francisco......I can asure you that its worth coming to him and getting the treatement.......

regarding the body ordor.....n bad breath...lot of people say that it can cause through acid reflux......its related to stomach.. I am also thinking to get it checked up.......

best of luck.....
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Hi Wickend
Reading your story is like telling my own.    I work with people on a daily basis and Ive   noticed that some of my colleagues would pull away from me or I would over hear some snide comment about stench in the air.  Some people have gone as far as holding thier nose when they speak to me so yeah I got the message that i stink.  However nobody does more body maintenance than me.  I bathe twice a day and brush after every meal.  I even bought a waterpik because my dentist recommend that it would help although he says could not see any reason for it and that he could not notice any thing but yet still when I am talking to people at work sometimes complete strangers they eventually hold their nose when I am talking to them.  Ive been to my ent and he put me on avamys  but Ive decided to stop that because Ive noticed people have stronger reactions when i use it and it gives me a headache.  I also suffer from allergies all my life and sometimes eating white flour products and sweets trigger my attacks.  Ive tried different toothpastes mouth wash and rinse with peroxide and baking soda.  I am not certain what the smell is like and I went to a gastroentorologist and he asked me if my boyfriend notices anything and Ive said well he has told me its not as bad as I think and half the time when I ask him its after Ive brushed and he says no.  A couple days ago he did admit that yes once or twice he noticed a smell from my clothes and it smelled like drain but not usually.  So I think well maybe he is trying not to hurt my feelings.  Am I paranoid I dont think so why would complete strangers hold thier nose or when i walk out of a room and return later I notice that they have sprayed the room with  air freshner.  I am going to see my ent again and ask him to do an xray of my head maybe my sinuses are blocked. Ive taken all kinds of antibiotic and still I stink.  Ive resorted to using perfumes something I didnt do because of my allergies but now it doesnt bother my allergies as much since Ive been on loratadine.  If I think about it too much I cant stand myself and its a struggle to socialize because I wonder if people are smelling me. I wash my clothes with vinegar and give them extra washes to get the b. o. out.  Ive even resorted to changing deodorants everyday. Its become expensive to deal with and I wish I could find a solution to this problem.  I think am being passed up for promotion because of this problem.  I wish there was somewhere to deal with this
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I would like to say that I have had problems with my breath being bad too, and also want to say that to the people saying that brushing and flossing is the solution, u are wrong. You don't know how it feels to have a nice set of teeth that most people die for, yet no matter how much u floss and brush, your breath is still bad. You don't know how it feels when you know others are talking about you, and laughing in your face like their your friends, and they not. I am going to get a colonoscopy and endoscopy done. I dont know if this is going to be the solution, but sometimes, the doctors can tell if your stomach is carrying an infection that may be the reason for the odor. All I can say to do is try to drink lots of water and eat right. I know it doesn't always work, because i know tons of overweight people that have no problem with their breath being bad.
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    chlorophyll.in liquid form  to clean up your body... threis a big chance to come from stomach,you can get in any health store,just make sure has chlorella ,and its good for many other things.... its simple and natural.....get infos online and find out by yourself.
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frustrated_bz Thats the exact same story of mine. And its driving me nuts. I very much feel that i develop this after eating some. And after few minutes belching and flatulence. frustrated_bz its been 2 months you have posted, Did you find any solution for this? Please do let me know if there is any positive news.
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It sounds like TMAU. Trimethylaminuria. Check it out on the Internet.
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gennifer I've tried all that flossing, rinsing brushing after meals i also drink alot of water and yet nothing i dont know where the problem is coming from ive went to so many places. im just tired of wasting my money to people to barely do a check up on me. Could you narrow it down and tell me which doctor would be best for my chronic halitosis. i cant get a jon because of it and all my money is running out. im so deppress dont talk to my friends anymore. i dont go out. its a living hell
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It is definitely all related.  If you have "stomach" problems, it is not surprising that you also experience bad breath or even bad body odor.  So, taking care of the gut the best you can should alleviate these issues.  You may not get rid of the entire problem if you battle to take care of the stomach issues.

Most of the issues, even GERD, originate with an unhealthy colon.  Probiotics should help.  Also, look for a homemade natural deodorant recipe online that includes probiotics.  You simply add the same one that you take orally.  That would help take care of the regions where you normally apply deodorant.  

I also agree with the chlorophyll tactic.  I have suggested that to other people myself.  However, go slowly when taking chlorella.  It is good for people, but some people react badly to it.  Be sure to take it WITH FOOD, as it is known to cause stomach upset.  For some people this stomach upset is simply too much.  If that is the case, you could try spirulena.  It is much gentler and doesn't seem to be nearly as prone to upsetting the stomach.  You would still be getting an algae source of chlorophyll.  It might not have as many of the benefits as the chlorella, but it would definitely be a  good alternative if the chlorella bothers your stomach.  Always make sure you know the sources of where the plants are harvested, as these are water plants called algae.

Another good source for detoxing is actually something you may already consume some of, cilantro.  The supplement store sells this in capsules.  It sounds strange when you can buy plenty of it at the grocery store.  Supplementing with it, though, helps you get quantities you may not get in your diet.
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I am trying to raise awareness of metabolic disorders which cause odour problems in people. Conditions such as TMAU (Trimethylaminuria) have nothing to do with personal hygiene. Please look this condition up everyone; it is much more common than we think. Also, eve if you test negative for TMAU, you may still have a complex metabolic disorder.
My main symptom is bad breath but i have TMAU and have suffered with it for 15 years. I try everything imaginable to alleviate the symptoms.

Check out: MEBO Research website and TMAU.org.uk
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Kelp pills, macca root pills, zink pills and black tea extract pills will keep the odor away.
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