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Bad Gas

I ate some expired kidney beans about 1 month ago and I had the worse gas for about 5 days.  I didn't have diarrhea but the gas was painful.  Whenever I would squeeze my butt it hurt.  I thought maybe I had hemoroids so I got some medication and took it for about two weeks.  It helped but I still have crazy gas and it feels like I have a ton of bricks in my butt but I have been having soft bowel movements.  What is going on?    I hope I don't have an STD or something because I did have unprotected sex with an old friend.  HELP!
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An anal fissure, piles, Crohns disease, abscess all can produce pain during motions. Anal pain that does not resolve with the use of over the counter medications within 24-48 hours needs to be investigated by a physician.  Anal pain that lasts more than two weeks can be serious. In a STD there will be pain, bleeding, and/or discharge from anus. Consult a doctor. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Hope it helps.
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I went to the doctor yesterday and he blew me off like it was nothing.  Now I did notice that whenever I pleasure myself and have an orgasm that I feel the pain but then it does go away but it's almost like there is a connection there.  
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