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Barrett's Esophagus

I had GERD's surgery three years ago and it seem to help my acid reflux problems, but now I am experiencing the same burping and belching all day long with burning under my sternum and chest area.  The pain is constant, but mild. Some days I do have more substandtial pain and have to take a pain reliever or antiacid to get relief. I did have barrett's esophagus at the time of surgery. So, what is the success rate of the GERDS surgery and could I be developing more and severe symtons of barrett's esophagus?

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Pegla, you should check back with your doc and find out if you wrap has slipped. I believe the 'life' of the surgery is typically expected to be about 10 years, but that is not standard for everyone.

If the problem is that you are refluxing it could be impacting your esophagus, so get it checked out.
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