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Belching Popcorn

About 4 weeks ago I would have episodes where when I belched I would taste popcorn. Normally it's because I have had some popcorn. But I have not had popcorn in 3 months. Does anyone have any ideas on this? I got it again today along with some diarrhea. I have not had the diarrhea with the weird belching before though. I have had not history of digestive problems.
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I too have experienced the same "belching popcorn" taste, and usually the next morning, I will have a diarrhea very bad. No pain in the guts, just a poop of about a gallon of the 'chocolate milkshake' shitz.  
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Can be bacterial overgrowth in your gut, or if he have ate a lot of acidic foods. Try drinking lots of water to help flush the bacteria out, will also help with dehydration caused by diarrhea. If it persists you can go see a primary care physician as it may require antibiotics if the body is unable to flush itself of the underlying cause. If you have ate anything high in protein recently that could be the culprit as well, as when proteins are broken down in the stomach  the gut bacteria produce hydrogen sulfide, hence the silver burps.
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