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Belching anything I eat as well as yellow pale stools, please help.


I'm hoping someone has had the same symptoms as me because doctors and gastro can figure what is wrong with me. So for 9 months I have had stomach and intestines noises even If i eat anything. Noises and grumbling happen in the mornings mostly but also in day and night . Also anything I eat I burp meanwhile I eat and have gas after eating. My bowel movements are always yellow sometimes light brown no matter what I eat. I get body ache sometimes and urine a lot and body itches. I had ct scan, endoscopy and colonoscopy, blood tests, fecal tests and urine tests everything was normal. It's hard for me to think it's ibs. I'm so fustrated doctors once thought it was cancer because I lost weight quick unintentionally but then gain it back quick and more. I'm hoping somewhere has had the same symptoms and found a solution. Also I was tested for hyplori and celiac disease and was negative ". Please help. Thanks.
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Despite your negative Celiac test, I think you either have Celiac disease or H. pylori or else a bad gallbladder or maybe it's your pancreas or liver.  It's one of those.  Both Celiac and liver problems are notorious for causing itching.  Celiac and gallbladder problems caused me to lose weight.  Have ultrasound studies, not CT scans.  Have a HIDA scan with CCK.  If everything continues to be negative, get off gluten - completely - and see if you feel improved in two weeks.  My surgeon told me the tests are not fool proof and if it quacks like a duck it's celiac.  I feel better!  Although I also had to have my gallbladder out and THEN I just figured out I needed ox bile to make up for having my gallbladder out.  

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Have you had abdominal surgeries?
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