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Belly Button pain

I have a pain just above and to the right of my belly button. This has happened once before and I didn't really thing anything of it, (happened maybe a year ago or so)

Earlier this week there was a smelly puss coming from my bellybutton. And today it's a pink liquid. (I'm assuming blood) No odor at all. It just leaks and leaks. The area around my belly button hurts to touch. Not sure if I should make an appointment to see the doctor or not. Just curiouse as to what this might be? What's causing it?
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I have alot of trouble with my belly button draining also but mine has a bad odor to it. If ianyone knows about this and what causes it let me know, Keep us updated on your condition it might help me as well.
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See a doctor, it could be nothing, it could be endometrium bleeding, a hernia. It is painful so see a doc.  If you have a piercing or old piercing it could be an infection in any case.  You need to get it sorted as it is recurring.  good luck!
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here's how it started. I had a bad pain just above the belly button for a day or two, with a smelly discharge. then on the third day, the pain went away and it started bleeding. And then a day after I posted this, the bleeding and pain stopped. so I've been fine. it was a three or four day occurence. very strange.
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my belly button has been hurting for a few days....today wheni woke up there was a crust around it and it was leaking a whit subastance...no theres a pressure kind of feel and theres this yellowsh green gooopy stuff comming out..i dont and never had it peirced..what can it be?
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I to have leakage from my belly button...no pain, but a clear smelly liquid and also itches alot...mine happens often...will heal and once it does, comes back...I have itched it so much cause an infection and gone to my doctor, who puts me on antibiotics, I've learned to use alcohol to keep it clean and is working rather well...But, I'm seriouly thinking of going to a specialist, to see whats up...
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My grandma had leakage from her belly button, they told her it was a yeast infection and they gave her antibiotics but it didn't clear it up. She went to another doctor and he said it might be hernia and they would have to do surgery. When they opened her up they found out it was cancerous! So get it checked out!!!
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