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Belly Button?

I wasn't sure where to put this, but since my belly button is near my stomach, I thought it would be good to put this here.

For the last several years (I have no idea when this started, I just began noticing it), I have had yellow, crusty discharge coming from my belly button. It is not continuous, but rather comes and goes every week or so. I am a very clean person and bathe/shower regularly, and I am not very overweight (5"4' at 130lbs), so I don't believe it is lint or dried sweat or anything, It smells very bad, and is sometimes so strong that I can smell it through my shirt. I thought it was a yeast infection or something, since people said you can get those in your navel, but I have never had a yeast infection *anywhere*, so wasn't sure.

Usually, when I find that it has been "leaking" I swab it out with water, then with hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide always bubbles and fizzes, and recently, I have been experiencing sharp pain inside my belly button and a burning, itching sensation that last for some time after using the peroxide. Usually the skin inside and around it turns red as well.

Does this sound like something serious? Should I go see a doctor about this? It's really starting to bother me, since I never know when it's coming and especially now since it hurts. :-( Thank you for all your help!

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Also, if I were to go to a doctor, should I try to "collect" some of the hardened discharge on a qtip or something (plastic baggie, etc) , or would they need to do it themselves? Since I never know when it's going to happen, this could be difficult. Thanks again,

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You can get an infection in the bellybutton and it may take some antibiotics to get rid of it. See your doc and discuss the problem.Don't worry about tying to collect anything before you see the doc.
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