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Bile Reflux Gastritis

I have been sick with Bile Reflux Gastritis. I have done a lot of research on this disease. My doctors put me on Sucralfate 1gm. It made my heart race. I searched for many days to help my self and other sufferers. I came across an article in Helium by Frank Will on Bile Relux Gastritis. It talks about natural cures and four herbs to take. I do have a boyfriend who is knowledgeable with some herbs. I tried the herbs in the article. Camomile tea, slippery elm, licorice root, and marshmallow root. I made a tea using them all. This is the first time I had relief.My stomach is so much better. I sip it all day long. Not warm but cooled off. I know that the licorice root you use sparingly because it can raise blood pressure. I want to tell other Bile Reflux Gastritis about these herbs. Please let them know about these remedies that have been around for hundreds of years. My question is what else can I do to produce less bile. I know I must do lowfat diet and digestive enzymes. Not sure which ones to buy. I am finally eating bananas, salmon, boiled potatoes, smoothies with Hemp pro50, I do not have my Gallbladder. I am dairy free, gluten free, no junk food, drink water and my tea. Can I use olive oil and butter only sparingly. Any suggestions would be great.Thank you Loony56
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Hi there!

Yes, sparing use of fat/ products is allowed, while these are best avoided at bedtime/ at dinner. Aside natural remedies that seem to be helpful, you could try taking cold fat free milk and medications that help to reduce the gastric acid secretion. Taking small frequent meals is preferred over single large meals. Avoiding stress, control of conditions such as diabetes, nutrient/ micronutrient deficiencies etc. are other changes that might be beneficial.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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My mother has bile gastritis for over 25 years (due to gallbladder removal). She is now pain free (took all up 2 years but was 90% better after a year) taking digestive enzymes containing proteases (enzymes that digest protein).  An excellent article online to read from Enzyme Stuff: Digestive Disorders and Enzymes. "Proteases help reduce inflammation, clean out debris and infection, and stimulate healing."  You bet it does!
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Thank you for the information. I make my own tea. Chamomile flowers, slippery elm, marshmallow root. Wow does that help. Learned it from the web site  Helium by Frank Will all on Bile Reflux. My boyfriend does herbs all the time.  i drink my tea all the time. it also relaxes you. Loony 56
HI loony, did you go to the doctor and the doctor diagnose you? That you have Bile Gastritis? Endoscopy showed that you have Bile Gastritis? Which state do you live in?
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try DGL=Deglycyrrhizinated licorice it doesnt raise BP. anyway i ve been searching similar issue too. seems some herb to help liver increase bile production so im confussed. (such as dandelion) also have you tried ginger?
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I researched a lot on Bile Reflux. I found this website called Helium. There was this author named Frank Will who did this column on Bile Reflux. He said that there was a couple thousand year old herbal teas you could make for Bile Reflux Gastritis. My boyfriend uses many herbs himself. In fact he does not got to doctors. I made tea using chamomile flowers, slippery elm and marshmallow root. I get the water to a rapid boil. Remove from heat and steep About 4 cups. Big pinch of the flowers one pinch of the marshmallow and smaller pinch of slippery elm. You can use licorice but sparingly. I will do research on dandelion. I went to the goodwill and found as many herbal books as I can. You can call of some chinese medicine acupuncture places and they know alot about herbs. I know that the tea I make does wonders! I put it in a jar and call it my brew! Without it I can't eat. I am going to get some digestive enzymes called anzeo pangene, Still doing research on that. There is lipo gene another product on Dr Dahlman online but found similar items less expensive on Pure Formulas website. All of this is research still for me. My problem is I have Hypo Thyroid and the Gastritis does not help. I hope you stay in touch and when I find out more about herbs i will let you know. I have not tried Ginger because that always irritated my stomach. Right now I must go to an endocrinology for my thyroid. Its hard trying to stay healthy now days. To many chemicals. Just don't let them in your house or in your food. Thanks loony56
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hello :D i was confused about ginger too if its supposed to help or avoid. also ACV. what about tumeric, have you tried?
i know slippery elm, marshmallow root and licorice when i was searching for GERD problem. but didnt know it could help with bile? or maybe since the symptoms are almost the same?
i do have DGL chewable tablet and tried slippery elm lozenges only(150mg dont know if that helps i think it was only for throat problem)  but i didnt use it often i think the dgl could help a bit but if i eat fatty food still couldnt cover it. so i watch my diet. but the reflux ALWAYS comes when i was asleep (eventhough i dont eat before bed) which is weird but during the day if i careful with what i eat i didnt really notice the reflux eventhough still many gas.
i also have chamomile tea i bought it for insomnia but tried a couple of times for insomnia but didnt really help to make me sleepy although the smell and taste was soothing but didnt know if it could help with reflux?
anyway, does the tincture act like a drug (dependable) only to try to prevent the reflux for the next a couple of hours or it could heal/cure?
thanks for the idea about chinese herb ive been to what they called "shinshe"  its like a chinese traditional doctor also acupuncture but didnt really help i think in my case. but since its hard to find marshmallow root and slippery elm here (i have to buy it online. i was thinking of using gaia herbs. i heard theyre good? but i have to wait long for it to come) and you gave me an idea. maybe i could find it on chinese herbal pharmacy. but i couldnt find the chinese name for it :(
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I was looking in a book called natural healing. It says that acupuncture can help with Gastritis, insomnia, reflux and a lot of our symptoms and more. They give tea to you that will help with symptoms. In Colorado they have a chinese acupuncture school that charges $20.00 for  visit. I have not tried Ginger or Tumeric because my stomach is really sensitive. Prop your pillows at night and don't eat anything 3 hours before bed. My stomach is very sensitive. I eat a bite here and a bite there. No big meals. I will make fish and store most of it in the fridge, When I get hungry I will eat small bites. Vitamin Cottage here in Colorado has all the herbs, They might have online store.I found herb books at our goodwills called ARC. I have natural healing books.I have started CHI Quong and Tia Chi. This is all over U Tube. It is Chinese tradition and help relax the mind. I think the chinese tradtions are the best for cures. I try not to take medicine except for my hypo thyroid. Anything natural. Avoid surgery foods, processed, fatty, dairy, gluten and eat a bland diet. I avoid all fast food and restaurants. I have lost 35 LBS and feel better. Most of the food has High Fructose Corn Syrup, All Dairy makes me have reflux, all meat, all fatty foods. Thats because our stomachs cannot digest it. Makes sense. I hope all of this helps. Loony56
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i know qigong and taichi. been on and off with it though. i also watch videos online. also meditation, yoga. you must have heard it too. i think its for relaxing.
i dont know about the shinshe maybe i should find the right for me or maybe it was something else i dont know. been tried lots of things though and its tiring and makes me skeptical and lose hope :(
anyway you seem not interested with DGL? maybe because of other ingredients in it or its processed. although it said it doesnt raise BP.
have you tried/know about xylitol, erythol? it said its a better substitute than other sugar form. havent tried though but still finding more and more info.
probiotic also good.
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I will research the DGL. I have been avoiding so many foods. I eat bland. Bananas, apples no skins, potatoes boiled whipped with almond milk and slim on the butter, oatmeal smoothies with banana and apples. LOL. I add my vitamins. I can eat salmon, cod, trout, and now eggs with some yolk removed because I have elevated iron levels. I can do broccoli and carrots.I have to go easy on broccoli because of my thyroid and iron levels. I am really careful with food. I add no sugar or substitutes. No condiments,no junk,meat,dairy, gluten or processed. Probiotics are really good. I drink my herbal tea everyday. I do tai Chi and Chi Gong when I can.I am Looking into acupuncture next. If you find out anymore good remedies let me know and I will do the same.Loony56
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sure, anyway. i also avoid gluten, dairy, sugary, fatty food. and from information that i get a lot. its better to avoid high sugar food. one of it is banana. also in my case i really try to limit my sugar intake/sweet food that means most of it is fruit i have to decrease it since i usually take a lot also carbs. the hard thing is it only lasts for 1-2 hours so i get hungry fast :(.
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sorry i mean high sugar fruit not food. i try to search for other low sugar fruit instead but they dont taste as good (sweet) as the high sugar fruit. lol. avocado is good too but cant take a lot too. i usually like papaya since they said its good too for digestive but its high sugar too so have to decrease. have you tried aloe vera? its good for health especially digestive.
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I can eat avocado but I have to limit those. I am not really worried about fruit andt high sugar fruits. I do eat bananas and apples since it is kind to my stomach. I think the most important is dairy free, meat and gluten free and of course fatty foods. I do eat fish but have to limit that since it contains mercury. I have iron issues, thyroid, Bile Reflux, gallbladder removed, I passed a kidney stone. I eat very small amounts. I lost 35lb which was good. Having all of these problems I have learned to have faith and patience. I do love aloe vera. I use it for everything. I do make all my home cleaners, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, and herbal remedies. I buy no chemicals from the stores. This includes makeup, toothpaste, shampoos, home cleaners you name it. Watch all your parabens, poly glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate and so many more chemicals. I go to organic stores and then you still have to be careful. Is there a reason you have to avoid high sugar fruits?
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