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Bile Reflux

I have recently been diagnosed with bile reflux. This has started ever since I had my large intestine removed earlier this year. I am on Carafate. I am unable to take it in the morning because that is when I take my other meds/vitamins (and as we all know you can't take them with Carafate or they won't get absorbed) so I try to eat something small for breakfast when I take my other meds. Then I take my Carafate before lunch, dinner and at bedtime. I got me a wedge pillow to help prop me up at night and I also sit up for atleast 3 hours after I eat. Has anyone else experienced this post total colectomy surgery? Most people get this after their gall bladder is removed but I still have mine. When I had my upper scope I had reflux, irritation, redness and a pool of bile chilling in my stomach. That and the fact that no acid reflux meds except for liquid Di-gel seem to help was how I was diagnosed. I guess if you have it then acid reflux meds don't work because its not an acid but a bile issue. And the liquid helps temporarily because of the aluminum hydroxide and the fact that it coats. They wanted to put me on Reglan but I refuse due to all the issues, warnings, side effects etc. They said it could help the bile empty from my stomach but no guarantees. Just like there is no guarantee taking it 4 times a day won't cause me to get Tardive Dyskinesia. I already had a dead large intestine that had no nerves left in it so I am not risking it. Has anyone else tried anything else? I am trying Marshmallow Root Tea which seems to be helping. At the first sign of an attack I drink a little Di-gel. Take some mediation deep breaths and then if I am capable I make the tea. Or my husband makes it for me. So far this seems to help if I can catch it right when it feels like its going to start. But if its too late the attack comes on and its god aweful. Like a heart attack. Now when I get an attack the next day I feel like someone punched me in my chest. I am just trying my best to avoid the attacks. Is that what everyone else seems to be doing as well? Are there specialists out there that treat bile reflux? It really ***** having this. I mean I miss alot of work because of it but yet you can't claim disability. I am luck to still have a job. The attacks come whenever they want to.
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Hi, you can try bile acid sequestrants. These medications, which disrupt the circulation of bile, may be helpful for some people with bile reflux. Side effects, such as bloating, may be severe. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Take care.
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I had Bile Reflux this year. Add chamomile to your tea with slippery elm. Eat small amounts. Get off dairy and go gluten free. No fats, legumes. Go bland! Do digestive enzymes. no sugar or junk food, no spicy foods. If you must do small amounts. No fast food places, not much meat. I eat bananas, apples, steamed vegetables, fruits ( no acidic) fish. This all really helped me. You can take DGL. Your stomach will sometimes feel like heavy pressure and like your having a heart attack. The stomach is swollen and enflamed. It took me 7 months to feel better. loony56
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Would these work with me not having a large intestine?
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Do you still have the horrible chest pain attacks since you changed your diet? This sounds like the diet I was on prior to my total colectomy surgery when my large intestine was dead.
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I am doing so much better with diet change. I do digestive enzymes. There is another lady named Gayle54 who wants to start up a support group with other Bile Reflux sufferers. We have been Skyping to talk about what works and what does not since everybody is different. Let us know if your interested. I cannot believe how many people are suffering from Gastritis and Gallbladder issues. loony56
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If the group is online then I would be interested. Right now I am very involved with interacting with members on inspire through the digestive motility group. I am considering diet change as we speak.
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