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Biliary Sludge

I'm a 40 something woman who has just went through a liver resection (took out about 1/3), and gallbladder removal. When they did the surgery, they messed up, and closed the bile duct too much.

A week later they put in a stent to open the duct and let the bile move back and forth.

I've now had two more stents placed, each 4 weeks apart, because I have sludge blocking the stent.

I've never had a problem with my gallbladder before this...nor sludge...nor chest pains.

Now, I have severe chest pains, that radiate out my back, and cause me not to be able to breathe (like getting the wind knocked out of me).

How long will this last? I've lost 25 lbs in 60 days, because it hurts every time I eat...no matter what I eat. I can't even sleep on my back at night, because it triggers these attacks.

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Hi there, just wondering how you got on with your problems. Are you now better? I know your post is more than two years old, but I hope you are well. Why did you need to have a third of your liver removed? I'm guessing they removed your gallbladder at the same time as it was attached to the part of the liver you had removed.
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