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Bled for a week after surgery

Hi All,

I started reading the Blog from the beginning, but had to start skipping over them... LOL, what a great bunch of people!

I am just recovering from surgery to remove an ovarian cyst (benign) that had ruptured.  It was 9mm and had caused a lot of pain for a couple of months.  About a week after coming home, I noticed that I was having blood in the bowl.  First it was just a little bit and then it became a real concern for me.  I went to the doc's office and they sent me to the ER.  They did a bunch of tests, including a CT scan with contrasting dye and didn't see anything.  The ER doc wanted me to stay and have the colonoscopy there over the weekend and I guess the butthead Intern said no.  The blood was not only dripping out of me, but also on the stools which had changed in shape.  Now  they were more of thin, ribbon type shape.  The ER doc said that I had a small hemi on the outside, but no way could it cause the amount of bleeding that I was having.  My abdomen was also "hard" and painful mostly on the right side, but now the pain has moved to the middle and to the left.  The other day at the store, I doubled over in pain as if my little "alien" had grown back.  I had an appt w/ the surgeon today and he said that it was not related to my surgery.  

I have a consultation with the GI doctor tomorrow, the 22nd in the morning.  Its funny, cuz the ER doc told me to make an appt with him within 2 days of being discharged from the hospital.  You know that never happens...  So I have stopped bleeding for the most part....sometimes a little.  I'm looking forward to finding out what the heck is going on with my body.


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