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Bloated Belly

16 year old severely autistic boy with significant bloated belly causing significant pain (including self injury) and anxiety (non-stop panting). Comprehensive diagnostics including endoscopies, colonoscopies, biopsies and labs (blood and stool) yield no reason, other than limited gut motility and chronic constipation. Rxs, dietary and biomedical interventions ineffective. NG tube cleanse outs are effective but last only 2 days before bloating returns. Carries diagnosis of IBS, GERD, Non-Allergic Rhinitis. Has history of pancreatitis.  Is on special diet. Bloating unresolved for 6 months. Welcome any ideas. Thank you.
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Hi SD_AutismMom.  I'm sorry about your son's condition and all the suffering associated with it.
OK, you know by now that thinking outside the conventional medical box may yield some useful answers.
The #1 cause of chronic or recurring pancreatitits is alcohol.
Candida  (yeast overgrowth infection)has been strongly associated with Autism, as a factor.
Autointoxication is one of the common effects of Candida, as
alcohol and acetaldehyde are  the products of excessive yeast
and sugars fermenting in the body.
Gut dysbiosis is another serious consequence.
Note: Candida may not get diagnosed with conventional tests.
The ongoing -for many years- autointoxication (possibly low grade)  leading to Pancreatitis , along with Gut Dysbiosis, is probably enough to explain the significant abdominal bloating.
I'm sure there are other suspected causative factors, like mycoplamsa or other underlying infectious conditions, hypothyroidism, hormonal/nutritional/vitamin deficiencies...
What meds is he on and what is his special diet?
Oh, BTW I also suspect significant neurotransmitter imbalances.
Any testing for that? Any genetic testing?
Looking forward to your response.
Best wishes,
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have a food allergy test done to rule out any foods or drinks he is consuming causing the bloating. Also have a comprehensive stool study done, this will test for Candida overgrowth and parasites, both which are known to cause bloating.
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