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Bloating, Nausea, extreme fatigue and diarrhea- please help??

Someone please help..  Long post but please read through..

For the last 3 months or so I have not been feeling myself. Suffering with nausea, bloating and bouts of diareahh and rare constipation. After scanning through the internet and reading many articles on IBS, Dyspepsia and other gastroenterology disorders, I finally booked an appointment with my doctor. I was completely unaware of exactly how little medical knowledge there was in this field and an assumption was made rather rapidly that I had IBS.

I was prescribed tablets to ease the unsteady feeling in my stomach and relieve the bloated feeling- however, I found it extremely hard to eat and lost 6Ibs in less than 4 days which scared the life at me weighing only 8 stone to begin with!!

Unsatisfied and somewhat scared, I decided to get a second opinion and so went back to the doctors.
I was examined abit more closely, the doctor actually listening to my symptoms (the long list of them) felt my belly including my upper adominal area and notice tension. My temperature was also taken which was quite high.

It was suggested that I may be suffering from Dyspepsia - excess stomach acid. Although, I feel extremely bloated at times, burp alot and nausious, I experience no pain or heartburn type feelings. I was given some tablets to ease the bloating which have worked suprisingly better than the tablets I was previously prescribed at my initial appointment.

I was also asked to complete 2 stool samples which have come back as normal eliminating chance of a viral/stomach infection. Blood tests have also been carried out and these have also come back "normal".

I have been taking the prescribed tablets now for 1 week and generally the bloating has eased and the churning type feeling in my stomach has calmed down alot.

I have been keeping a food diary now for around 2 weeks but I do not seem to feel any worse after anything in particular- just very much the same.

Since my second visit to the doctors a week ago, I have developed slight headaches around the brow area which is something I have never suffered with in my lifetime neither during this bout of illness and I have noticed that I feel tired and drained of energy everyday.

Palpatations, shakiness, sweating, loss of appetite, weight loss and light-headiness are many other symptoms that I seem to be experiencing.

I have done 2 pregnancy tests, although I am on the combined pill and have periods, but both have confirmed I am not pregnant.

I have read about having an endoscopy, checking for food allegies and making changes to my diet that could relieve symptoms however, given that my eating doesnt seem to effect my symptoms (neither do I have a bad diet) I am now abit puzzled as to what is causing this?

Please, anyone who has experienced the same type of symptoms, please get back to me!!


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Sorry to hear what you are experiencing.   We almost have the same symptoms.  I live in Puerto Rico and I am looking for an appointment at US to look for some other opinions on my case.  But try looking for "Dumping Syndrome" cause that is my diagnostic, maybe it will help.  Millie
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Omg I'm currently in the same boat, I am also not pregnant. It's been three weeks since I've experienced this, though instead of bloating I feel more  fatigued now. I lost 3 lbs this week,  I went to see my doctor but she just brushed it off said it was ovulating issues, my stools are soft, I also get diarrhea, I burp a lot due to the nausea, I don't think my doctor is any help, I might just have to go to the er if this thing continues.
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I also have the same symptoms and am visiting a doctor this week.   do you have any remedy.   I am a male so pregnancy is not an issue
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Guys be happy you've all had it short term I have all those symptoms and more and it's been going 2 years almost I've had several stool and blood tests even several colonoscopies and endoscopies  on my first colonoscopy and endoscopy they found my stomach was severely inflamed the first 2 procedures came a year after my symptoms began  the last procedure came a week ago which the more recent procedures showed all inflammation was cleared up yet the symptoms continue I've been on the medications bentyl which is meant for ibs and lomotil which is an anti diarrheal my symptoms began after a night of drinking and my doctor finally decided to tell me it's all just anxiety I am running a blood panel tomorrow morning and hoping for some kind of answer I've tried diets tried fasting
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