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Bloating, weight gain, nonexistant period

I am a soon to be college runner and I live a very active lifestyle. Ever since I can remember, I have had stomach and abdominal issues. Over the past 2 years, I have gained over 10 lbs while on a very restricted diet and exercise routine. I run about 50 miles a week, lift weights, bike everywhere, and eat a very healthy diet. I have also not had a period since I began running seriously. I am on no form of birth control or hormone treatment currently. Since I began running, I have been consistently experiencing abdominal pain. At different times this pain has been called gas, constipation, ovarian cysts, and kidney stones. Yet, no one ever really fixes the problem. I am desperate to determine what is causing this discomfort and daily trial. My stomach is consistently distended and it appears that I am pregnant. I wouldn't normally complain but it is starting to hurt my running success and my coach wants me to lose weight. thanks
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Hi there,

I'm guessing the weight gain you describe is because you have gained muscle as opposed to fat - and assuming you are within a healthy BMI range i might guess that all the stress you are putting yourself under may have caused your periods to cease. However if you are seriously under or overweight then this would be the obvious cause for your menstrual cycle to stop.
The bloating/gas/swelling could also be related to stress or a form of IBS. If you have a food allergy then it would explain why your stomach gets disdended and then smooths out again, gas can be chronically painful, and can cause the 'pregnant' appearance you describe.
I have been poked and prodded by doctors for similar symptoms and came back empty handed too. That said if you haven't spoken to a medical professional already i think it is well worth going if only to eliminate some of the worry that this condition is causing you. Better to be a bit poked and prodded and get the all clear than to carry on with the anxious thought that something more serious might be going on.

Hope you get it sorted soon

All the best x
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Thanks for your advice and help. I will look into seeing a doctor soon. I will also look into food allergies :)
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