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Bloating/Gas and Palpitations. Help please.

Hello everyone.  I am a 30 year old female that has suffered from severe anxiety and,  Acid Reflux since I was 19 years old.  Both the reflux and anxiety have been heightened however due to the fact I moved away from my home and family in Virginia,  to Montana in March with my fiance.  I know that Anxiety can give you many,  many symptoms.


Yesterday in the early afternoon,  I experienced a burning beneath the ribs, all across that area.  It was there for only a minute to be quickly replaced by the most uncomfortable pressure in that area.  I had the pressure there almost all day today but,  it went away for an hour or 2.  Until I ate dinner..then BAM..the pressure is back.  Feeling tired because of my emotional roller coaster I tried to take a nap but,  while lying there,  I kept having palpitations.  I know Anxiety can cause them but,  I am wondering if Acid Reflux, or gas can as well.  Also,  about 2-3 years ago,  I was rushed to the hospital believing I was having a heart attack.  An X-ray was taken on my chest to check out my lungs and heart.  They came back fine.  The doctor ran a bunch of blood tests that came back fine and,  also,  I had an EKG that was fine.  The doctor told me the chances of me having a heart attack any time soon was like being hit by lightning and told me is was the reflux and the anxiety just made it worse.  Do you think that I can still trust that my heart is fine and,  that I am just letting my anxiety get the better of me?
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