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Bloating and discomfort after drinking alcohol

Im 21 and 4 months ago, i went on holiday to Cyprus for 3 weeks. I drank alcohol most nights, however not over excessively.
After the 1st week I noticed every time i drank even water or coke, i felt bloated and felt nauseous. Extreme burping as well.
A few days later my apetite went, and i hardly drank or ate anything as i was in fear of being sick or feeling bloated.

Now even upon my return this bloating feeling stayed and kept burping after eating/drinking.

I had an endoscopy and they said nothing major was wrong just a rumpled duodenum?. They said I have to eat small meals and prescribed esemaprazole

It has calmed down now as i have taken esemeprazole for an extensive amount of  time.

I generally feel fine now, except I notice every time I drink more than 1 or 2 glasses of lager/beer or wine I feel bloated and uncomfortably. Also I feel a small bubble in the side of my stomach which feels like its filling up with liquid??

I'm not an alcoholic nor do i need to drink, But its making me sad and upset everytime I go out with freinds to a bar I feel nauseous everytime I have a few alcoholic beverages.

I have never been a heavy drinker, drinking from 17 years of age. Only drank on the weekend.

I would highly appreciate it, if anyone would have any solutions or help? I Have considered in the future going without drinking any fizzy drinks or alcohol for 1 year to see if this heals any damage I may have done? As i do not want this problem to stay with me for life.

Many Thanks
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Matt, the term 'rumpled' duodenum doesn't make any sense to me. There are many things that can happen to the duodenum including a process of showing changes due to conditions such as too much entry of acid, or the presence of changes due to problems of gluten intolerance. I'm curious because you say you have problems when you drink beer which is typically made from products known to be difficult to handle when one has celiac disease, so is it possible the doc saw changes to the villi in your duodenum? If you don't know exactly what they found, get a copy of the endoscopy report and any biopsy results and read them. They may give you more information. Docs don't always tell patients everything unfortunately, or they may actually miss something in the pathology reports.
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I find this very encouraging because I've been suffering through the exact same problem for about four months, but I don't seem to be improving as quickly. I'm glad to hear your symptoms improved. My issue came after about a year of heavy drinking when I finally spent about two hours at a wine festival drinking on a completely empty stomach. This led to a lot of pain and I immediately lost my appetite, started burping and feeling a lot of bloating. I had an endoscopy as well and it didn't reveal anything and the doctor basically said my story was impossible, so hearing what happened to you makes me feel less crazy. I've been terrified that it was something chronic, so I'm glad to hear you got better. How long before you saw improvement? As far as advice goes: I was a purely social drinker for many years before it got out of control and led to this nightmare. Not to be preachy, but if you're already having this problem with a moderate amount of alcohol at the age of 21, you might consider yourself blessed to have gotten this first warning. Wish I had.
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