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Body won't properly digest beef

In the past few months I've started being unable to fully digest steak or roast beef. Any time I eat either, no matter the amount, within one to two hours I get extreme, almost crippling digestive cramps followed by diarrhea. Normally it's just a one time instance, though it depends on how much of it I ate and how quickly I take Pepto.

The weird bit is that I can eat a hamburger just fine without any of these problems.

Any ideas?
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Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't read the rest. If you have a spastic colon like that, it might be IBS!
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Yes, and sorry if it's obvious, but you have to chew steak and roast beef a whole lot more than hamburger and you can cut them into smaller pieces, both ideas will help digestion.  Also, if you eat a steak, you should always have a salad to go with it, helps digestion.  With roast beef, it's usually cooked with carrots and potatoes, so salad is not needed, but could be the salt in it that is drying you out a little, so drink plenty of water after a meal of stew.

It's also possible that your digestion is a little sluggish to begin with, and a heavy meal is what's finally pushing it along, so you get that diarrhea and cramps.  To keep your digestion in good working order, daily drink extra water, exercise, and eat fiber foods and whole grains.

There's also a chance you are having a problem with digesting proteins and/or fat for some reason, which is way beyond my knowledge, so if my tips don't help you out, then your family doc will need to do a workup on this protein/fat idea, do labs to check various blood counts and glandular numbers, maybe do an ultrasound, whatever he thinks would help him diagnose your symptoms.
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Salad doesn't help digestion unless it has vinegar. You can put the vinegar in water and skip the salad.  Raw foods do not help digestion that much, at least in the proportions that you were having.This problem just started for me. Protein in meat is is a lot more difficult to digest then other foods. But A salad can be very hard to digest, too . It is for me. I regularly take vinegar and eat small portions at a time. The doctors are not  much help. It sounds like gastroparesis.
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