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Bowel leakage for several years

I have bowl leakage now for several years and my doctor is having a issue with finding out what the cause is. I have had stool tests, blood tests (several times) and STD test but none of these tests show that anything is wrong. After having a bowel movement, usually in a couple of hours later when I get walking or get warm I start to leak and need to clean myself. It seems that after I take a shower and do a really good cleaning I dont seemed to have the leak issue. Its only after i have a bowel movement. Now after several years of this issue I have started to have severe pain in my lower back on both sides. The pain is more severe when I'm laying down on my back. Please help.
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So how often are you having bowel movements?  Bowel leakage can be quite a situation.  It can involve compacted feces and liquid that then moves around it and leaks out past the impacted stool.  Do you perhaps have issues with constipation?  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/fecal-incontinence/symptoms-causes/syc-20351397  This would make sense for the fact that you now have some discomfort in your digestive tract.  The muscles in the intestines can become damaged.  One of the main things they do to help is to treat the constipation and have you avoid straining.  Have you been to a gastrointestinal doctor?
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