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Bright highlighter yellow leeching off of stool into toilet water plus fatigue

I'm 34/Female. No health insurance so I'm asking here.

For years I've had diarrhea. Pretty much chronic, multiple times per day, every day.
I started taking Metamucil over a week ago and it seems to hold most of the stool together but I am still having issues with my stool. The stool stains the water bright yellow like a highlighter. Sometimes the stool itself is that color! Neon bright yellow.
The consistency is usually like a fluffy algae and strings of mucus. Occasionally, it's completely liquid/sandy. But with Metamucil it seems to hold most of it together. But I drink it upon waking so the first or second bowel movement tends to be held together. The rest is back to it's old messy self.

Other general symptoms: chronic fatigue, pain all over (feels like the pain goes deep into my bones), heat sensitive, hair loss on my arms and legs (and the patches where I no longer grow hair are pale, smooth spots), no menstruation since last November (6 months ago!)

I've never had a baby/gotten pregnant. Never had surgery for anything.
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