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Bubbles in esophagus???

For over a year now I have had a sensation/noise. At first I thought that it was in my head behind my left ear. I told my doctor and she ordered a CT. Everything was fine. My blood pressure was high so she gave me a prescription. After a month or two we did a follow up. I told her that I had been having bad heartburn (and hadn't thought to tell her about it the first visit). She then switched the blood pressure medicine and prescribed Prilosec. The first week that I took Prilosec I had a horrible episode where my stomach ached so badly that I almost went to the ER. I vommitted and could barely stand up. I went back to see her and she switched my heartburn med to Nexium. This has helped a little. I still have heartburn almost every day. When I wake up in the morning I usually cannot eat anything because I feel nauseated. I have to force myself to eat by 9/10am.  

The sensation/noise is my main concern. I cannot find anyone that has this happening. It seems that others describe something similar but they don't have the other symptoms. This sensation/noise now feels like it is hitting the back of my throat (may be why I hear it to the left side). It feels like little tiny bubbles and sounds like fizz or rushing/gushing noise. It is so hard to describe and nobody near me can hear it. It used to only happen in the morning. Then after a while it would do it when I walked up a step or put pressure (only with my left foot though). Now it happens all throughout the day. It worsens when I am hungry... mostly in the morning or in between meals. It does not feel like a burp/gas.

I am overweight, I drink about 6-12 cans of Diet Coke every day, I drink alcohol (2-4 drinks most nights), and I have a hard time sleeping. I am between the ages of 25-30 :)

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The noise you are describing is probably your reflux.  Your reflux will probably improve with less carbonation in your diet.  If you can't go without the coke then leave it in the fridge overnight open so the gas can escape before you drink it.
Hey! I'm getting the same thing as ''aurunquist'' above, but I don't drink ANY soda, and rarely alcohol at all! Any advice?
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stop the diet coke. Try Pepsi instead and limit yourself to a couple of cans a day. Ihave refluxand stomach problems and can't drink coke but for some reason can tolerate pepsi in SMALL AMOUNTS. try it.
Any advice for someone who has the same symtoms above but drinks no alcohol or carbonated bev's?
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