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Burning/Nausea attacks spanning around 1 week to 2 week?

I'm a 20 year old female and been having problems for at least a year with my stomach. Recently, I have started to show symptoms of something. I will have these intense burning and nausea pains that enable to eat and sometimes sleep. It does not matter if I'm laying down or standing up; I will have the pains. I had two short attacks where I would get the blast of nausea and burning in my stomach and my throat. Those short attacks made it so that I couldn't even get up or move. It was down right painful.
I went to the doctor and I was first diagnosed with gallstones because I was having pain in my upper quadrant that went into my back. They also did a ultrasound and found abnormality with my gallbladder.
I have to have a endoscopy of my upper gastro this coming tuesday. These past 2 months have just been filled with nagging dull pain in my right side, burning in my throat and chest with pressure in my chest, weakness, feelings light headed if I do not rest, urge to throw up, some cramping in my lower quadrants, and pressure in abdomen (feeling of heaviness).

This couldn't all be caused from gallstones..couldn't?
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Yes it could all be from gallstones. They screw up your entire digestive system.
My other thought is acid reflux or gerd. Maybe try taking nexium and see if it helps at all.
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