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Burning pain in stomach, antiacids make it worse

Last 2 months I'm suffering from bloating, belching, burping, flatulence, heartburn, acid reflux and last month it all got worse and after every meal I have really sharp, burning pain in my stomach, especially at one spot. I also noticed my stool is really dry and there is undigested food in it too. I have difficulty to go to the toilet and never feel any relief afterwards. I also noticed my nails breaks every easily and I have white spots on it.
My diet is mostly plant based with lot of fruit, vegetable, chickpeas, oats, nuts, quinoa, sweet potatoes, eggs, cheese (feta, cottage, mozarella), almond (coconut etc) milk. Before that I ate similair sort of food but I ate meat every day too, which I don't eat any more for more than 3 months. As my problems started I tried to eat fish again or chicken but I completely lost apetite for meat and don't feel very well afterwards.

All doctors I've visited gave me antiacid medication as well as gastro resistant capsules (omeprazole, lansoprazole, gaviscon, buscopan) and I never felt better, sometimes even worse.
Last days the pain got really worse and I ended up in the hospital but they gave me only codeine and paracetamol and via my GP organized scan and endoscopy. They said I have to wait approx 4 weeks for this scan, but I can't stand the pain and work and don't know what to do as sometimes even painkillers don't help and I'm not a big fan of them as I am aware they can irritate stomach too.

I found out I can have too little stomach acid to digest the food, but also I feel I have something in my stomach as that burning pain is on my spot only and doctors consider stomach ulcer. I tried HCL pills and digestive enzyms but it didn't help much. Vinegar before meals help but as I am working all day it's a bit difficult to take vinegar with me to work.

Please could you help me with any suggestions, ideas ?
Thank you very much

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Ingest Apple Cider Vinegar.
Take Digestive Enzymes.
Add HCL with Pepsin to Your Diet.
Eat Manuka Honey.
Chew Your Food Thoroughly and Eat Smaller Meals.
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