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Burning pain in the stomach in the morning.

I am 61, and for the last 4 months I have been woken up in the morning by a burning pain that starts on the left side and works it's way around to the right and sometimes to my back. I went to see my PCP and he sent me to my GI doctor. He gave me a endoscopy and there was nothing new that he didn't already know. I have been on Nexium and Xanax 1mg for the past 7 years and the stomach problems have pretty much been kept in check. This pain is NEW. I also noticed that some mornings the pain is in different spots, sometime in the middle of my stomach, or on the right side. I have GERDS, Hernia, fatty liver, and diverticulitis. Both my doctors are kind of stumped. Anyone have any clue what this pain might be, someone said, its all stress related.
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