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Burning sensation in stomach & rib pain

Hey guys,
So recently (last few weeks) I've noticed that I feel quite sick all the time; I mainly just feel like I've eaten too much without having eaten anything at all. On top of that, I've been getting bouts of burning in my stomach. I mean all across my stomach below my belly button and my insides there just feel really warm (if that makes sense lol) with some stomach cramping. Additionally, it feels like there's something under my ribs, mainly on my left side but also my right. This isn't particularly painful, there's a little bit of pain if I lay on my side, but nothing major, it's more so just annoying. I'm not sure if the rib thing is something to do with gas because I've been getting that grumbling feeling up under my left rib recently too like when you you're here hungry. Also, my bowel movements are all normal so I'm really just lost as to what's going on? I've had no fever and no vomiting.

Please help! (I've booked a doctors appointment but my doctor is back until the 9th of Jan)
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Oops, forgot to mention, I think the burning gets worse when I drink alcohol! But I'm only 20 and don't drink often or much when I do.

Alcohol doesn't affect the rib situation though.
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Last thing, I do also get the burning above my belly button in that epigastric region I think it is and it can be a little tender there because all the burning and pain just kind of builds up until my entire rib cage and abdomen just ache.
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