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Burning stomach

I have a acidic stomach, but since last week, I started feeling the burning in my upper stomach with bloating and belching. I also feel full right after I eat something. The burning makes me feel as if I have to eat something but then I feel full! I had the most terrible pain in both sides of my stomach during a flight and I had to take Famotidin, but it didn't basically help!
I tend to experience constipation occasionally.
since I am 22, I wonder what the problem is.. is that a gastritis or should I consider more serious problems? My family background indicates Colon tumors , and colon cancer, for my father, my grand mother and one of my aunts.

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I've had terrible burning/gnawing sensation in my upper stomach for about 3.5 months.  Tried all different ppis but nothing was working.  I finally went to a GI Specialist who did an uuper endoscopy and Im waiting for the biopsy results.  He did tell me i have BILE REFLUX in my esophogus and stomach and he put me on carafate 4x/day to coat them so they can heal and he has me continuing on 60 Mg Kapidex which is a new PPI for acid reflux.  Finding a "little" relief, but may take time to heal.
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