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Burping, Heartburn with Anxiety and Irregular food habits

Male 34 years.

Have a history of burping after food and when I am hungry. This usually happens more frequently when I am irregular with my food.
Also have a history of anxiety. Used to have diarrohea when I get up before every important event in life (Like exams, important meetings, etc).
This is not continuous. Happens may be 1-2 times a year -- but very predictable based on anxiety levels.
Mild heartburns once every 2 years or so. Have had severe pain in the chest once (about 5 years back) which was relieved immediately by Eno
(Sodium bicarbonate + citric acid).

Since last five months, because of a job change and family issues I had severe anxiety that was very long lasting. My food habits become
irregular mainly because of the job change (Often taking breakfast at 11, lunch at 4PM, etc). I also now get up earlier than usual
(get only about 5.5 to six hours of sleep). I also lost about 7 pounds in six months.

Since last 2 weeks, when I got up, I am very hungry and burp many times. This burping also continued all through the day with a feeling of "gas"
in stomach. Visited a primary doctor. (I was visiting him for the first time because I moved to new area. He didn't ask me about my history of
anxiety and diet changes and at that time and I didn't feel it was important enough to tell him) He put me on Omeprazole 20 mg once a day.
Blood work all came negative. H. Pylori -ve. After around 15 days on Omeprazole now, the burping has definitely reduced (only just before food and immediately after), but now I feel a lump in
my throat sometimes, followed by a mild burning sensation in chest (highest when hungry). I also have a cough when I talk. I have
since then become regular with food habits (same time every day, dinner 2.5 hours before bed time, etc.) -- But this has not helped. I also once felt a slight pain in the
pelvic area couple of days back (for about 1 hr, which stopped). When I talked to my PCP after 10 days of Omeprazole, he suggested getting
an appointment with Gastroentologist for an endoscopy. When I asked him if a higher dosage of drugs can help, he made a prescription for 20 mg
Omeprazole twice daily (I weigh 105 pounds now. 5 feet 3 in) I haven't increased increased my drug though.

Current symptoms are mild buring sensation in chest when hungry.

What is the diagnosis here? Is it GERD? or Irritable Bowel Syndrome? I heard that GERD patients feel worse after food (which is not happening in my case)
Please let me know if more info is needed. Is 40mg/day of omeprazole needed (given my weight and conditions)? I currently take one 20 mg tablet right
when I get up with food 2 hours later. What is the right time to take
the second dose of the day?

Also, I will be moving back to my old city again in 2 months. Can a visit to Gastroentologist wait for 2 months?
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  Yes this could be GERD or IBS.  They can both be made worse by anxiety.  What have you done to try and treat the anxiety?

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