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Burping just after eating or drinking

hello all,
i've looked for a similar topic, but not finding anything.  recently i developed a lot of burping after meals, which is not normal for me.  the only thing i can think of is a possible lack of stomach acid,  any other ideas of possibilities?  anyone else have this problem or solve it?  thanks!

i have flatuence also along with it and stools also really smelly ..i guess this is just to pass the Gas .. and recently i started having foul smell from my mouth also

please help
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just to let you know a little secret,,,YOUR SUPPOST TO BURP AFTER EATING AND DRINKING!!!!..lol!
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Legendme, have you tried finding any correlations between what you're eating and how bad the symptoms are? If you haven't, start keeping a food diary for a week or so and see if you see any trends. If there are some, take those food groups out of your diet and keep an eye on things.

Are you having any 'acid-type' issues? Any instances of reflux? If so, go get a test for the presence of H. pylori. If you're positive, get treated. then you may have to go on a course of proton pump inhibitor meds for a number of months and follow a GERD diet. H. pylori has a habit of up-regulating acid pumps and can start digestive issues.

Have you been on any antibiotics lately? Or any meds, or change in meds? Any underlying medical issues?
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