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Hello: Over the years if I ate certain things like really greasy things / gravy / greasy soup broth / certain citrus I would get this terrible gas and I would keep making these croaking sounds as bits of it come up. Life was easy for years just avoiding the really greasy stuff. However, lately I noted an increase in having these episodes after eating things I eat all the time, which are greasy but never bothered me before. Now, almost everyday I have the problem. I eliminated all soda and I try to eat better. I ate well today but did have a chicken pot pie tonight, which I have had without problems lately. But now I am suffering with the full sensation. I have never been able to fully burp properly so its hard when I can't get the gas out. I just keep croaking sounds as I try to burp it out. How can I make myself burp? Why can't I eat like before? GasX only works a little. I do have GERD/take Prilosec daily/for last 5 years. Its so hard to watch everything I eat, as grease is in many things, even cakes can cause the problem. The problem can keep me up but is all gone like it never happened in the morning.
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I too suffer with GERD that has definitely worsened over the years. My suggestion would be to see your gastroenterologist or get a referral to one if you just see your regular doctor.
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