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Does anyone share this situation?? I have been constantly constipated for 6 months now, not much works I've tried it all. Magnesium is all that works and if I dont take milk of mag 2tbsp twice a day I cant go and its only liquid I can pass. If it doesnt work I need to do a mag cit colon cleanse. IM AFRAID IM GOING TO DIE OF KIDNEY FAILURE BEFORE DOCS FIND ROOT CAUSE!! I've had a colonoscopy and it didnt show much, now im having barium xrays and ultra sound in a couple days. I get nausea, cramping, twinges, bloat, gas, fluid builds in in lower right and left abdomen, burping, lower back pain, what feels like a bubble in lower mid left abdomen wgen i lay on right side. It slow build. Please.
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You're not alone, been a problem for me as well for many years. Is there anything else unusual: ribbon like stools, very hard clumps, blood/mucus, etc. I had resorted to milk-mag as well but my doctors pulled me off of that and now I use mirilax just about everyday. It helps a little but I can still go for weeks at a time with no joy. I do have an IBD so the inflammation is most of my problem - the stool will still be soft, just have a hard time pushing past the obstruction type of thing.
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Forgot to add this - it's been bad enough in the past where I almost made it a full month between BM's, not pleasent as you probably already know. Seems impossible for your body to even be able to do that. Certainly not healthy at all.
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Are you able to eat? I have the same thing but have lost whieght because  I'm able to eat very little.
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ive got the same almost. i use to abuse xanax and lortabs from 2005 to 2009, karma got me. i couldnt empty all the way. my doctor said here a this and that. LAXATIVES, than he sat me up with G.I doctor went up but and stomach twice, he also said see nothing wrong and said go home and take LAXATIVES. went to get natural path and had clonics that didnt work. i wished like hell i never listened to the *** holes. i was going on own now since 2010 i lost the urge and the damn laxatives barely work it dont empty me. its still go home and take this LAXATIVE or that one.doctors dont take time to find the core of it.its just all about the money. i hadnt had any pill since 2009 still have no urge and feel full uncomfortable as hell, if i dont empty all the way it makes me sweat,yes you do die from that even with **** bag lisa
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