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CONSTANT rectal pressure and feeling of fullness that can spread to vagina for over 1 year!


I'm so tired of this!  I have constant rectal pressure with an anal fissure. I would equate this to torture.

My history:

6 months post partum developed osteitis pubis (inflammation of the pubic symphysis proved by exray after my obgyn basically called me crazy). Nov. 2009

Anal bleeding. Misdiagnosed by primary doc for years as hemmeroid so I just used anasol forever. Pregnancy/birth made it worse. I've suffered from bad bowel habits/constipation since I was young. Tried to correct it it in late 20's with success until.... postpartum. Misdiagnosed by obgyn and surgeon. Finally insisted on seeing a colorectal who said it was a fissure. Dec. 2009

Negative Cat Scan and colonoscopy Feb. 2010

Used calcium channel blockers for the fissure to no avail. Included metamucil (gross) and hot baths several times a day. I also began internal pelvic floor therapy. Seemed to help somewhat, but found activity worsened it. March to June of 2010

Developed a thrombrosed hemmeroid and had it lanced in July of 2010. 10 days later after the wound healed, no more pressure. Absolute heaven. Still some minor problems with defecation.

Had the lateral internal sphincterectomy surgery in Aug. of 2010 because although the most irritating symptom of the pressure was gone, just wanted to have a completely painless bms forever so stupidly went throught with the surgery.

9 days later, while having a bm, the pressure and pain returned and has been with me ever since. TORTURE.

Resumed physio (8 hours away from my home and had to leave my husband and baby behind, horrible. On leave from work due to this with no travel assistance and ran out of insurance).

I could no longer tolerate the probe or digital massage so therapy discontinued. All my hope was lost that day. Dec. 2010

The colo-rectal surgeon wants to do the surgery again! I'm sooooooooo beyond scared of incontinence after cutting my sphincter twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I got two second opinions from gynos. One wants to do a hysterectomy (thinks uterus is sitting on my bowel) and the other thinks it could be endometriosis as I have other symptoms of painful ovulation and periods. The latter one also suggested he could "restitich" my rectal muscles. So I go back to the CRS and he says a hysterectomy is perposterous - I agree - and the "restitching of rectal muscles he's never heard of. He also said I shouldn't go for the laprascopy because it will just make my pelvic floor dysfunction worse. I am SO LOST. How can no one have the same opinion at all?

I might add I've changed gynos and family doctors so many times because my pain is either belittled or they try to make me feel like it is somehow overexaggerated or physcosomatic. I wish my pain was in my elblow and I was a man then I wouldn't be dealing with this crap from them. Just because it is in a "Sexual" area doensn't give lisence to Freudian thinking. Very frustrating and demeaning to an already overly embarrassing problem.

I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? Anyone else out there with similar symptoms? Anyone have 2 LIS surgeries? HELP HELP HELP
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