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CROHN'S HELP, does it sound like I may have it?

I know it's best to see a doctor about this and I probably will but I just need to get some info first.

I am a 20 year old male in decent shape and I've had a few unusual symptoms and patching them together through friends and the internet has led me here. I'll just list them here.

1. Feces coming out of my navel. One day, after being backed up for a week, I went to take a shower and noticed a brown stain around my bellybutton and soon figured out it was feces, and I could push on my stomach and it would squeeze out like out of tube. Although this only happened once, my navel constantly smells like feces, and I'm afraid it might be a fissure.

2.High liver count. I was getting blood work done because I was being prescribed Adderall. The tests came back and I had a very high liver count, they did an Ultrasound on my liver but didn't find anything wrong.

3.Abdominal Pain. For several years now I've had horrible pain in my lower left abdomen after exercise or sometimes just randomly, I had an MRI done testing for Femoral Hernia but they didn't find anything.

4.Diarrhea. I told my sister I thought I had IBS which led to her telling me about her friend who had Crohn's. Whenever I eat away from home, or sometimes even when I'm at home I get horrible diarrhea or constipation.

5.Sores in mouth. For the past few months I have been getting horrible painful sores in my mouth, the entire inside of one cheek becomes enflamed and swells like a blister.

6.Small anal tears. I'm not sure about this one but whenever I shower and try to wash back there and the water runs over it, it stings and burns horribly which makes me thing theres torn exposed skin.

If you have any idea of what might be going on please let me know, this is really starting to worry me. Thanks
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OK.... stop being lazy or making excuses and call your doctor NOW.  I really doubt it's stool coming out - it may be a severe infection stemming from an abscess or other problem with your intestines, which is a severe problem.  You could need antibiotics from your doctor to help treat this.  You do NOT want stool/bacteria/etc entering your blood stream, it could lead to sepsis.  Some of the other problems could be related to an intestinal abscess; the abd. pain, the diarrhea/constipation.  The anal tears are probably from you wiping too hard when you go to the bathroom.  
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I hope you've gone to a doctor to get help immediately.  My Aunt was diagnosed with Chrohn's disease in 1980.  3 years after the onset of her disease; at the time it wasn't very common and no one could figure out what was wrong (they suggested it was stress because my grandfather was very ill and dying at the time...she was almost dead when my father took her out of the hospital she was in and drove her to NYU where she was finally diagnosed).  Although it's been 29 years and the medical community has made advances the longer you wait the worse it is.  Apparently Chrohn's also runs in families so if you have a member in your family that's has the disease your chances are greater.  When I was 16 I started to get sick and luckily I was told it's Mild Chronic Colitis but I stay ahead of the curve (a cousin in Italy was diagnosed in her 50's so it can hit at any age- usually when you're young).  Also, the belly button poop can be a fistula; sores/absecess are also common. I truly  wish you the best.
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