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  I had to have a gallbladder surgery back in December. After the surgery my stomach started having extreme amount of pain, to the point of excruciating pain, doubled over crying type of pain to the point of vomiting. My stomach actually increased in size by 4 inches around my belly button area, and below the breast area increased 3 1/2 inches and 2 inches below my lower area (abdomen) not only that but the same day... I gain an amazing 6 pounds. I literally looked like I was 7 months pregnant.
  Also, 2 1/2 weeks after the surgery I developed staff infection. That took a little while to clear up. Still I would complain about the stomach area to my surgeon and he just said that there wasn't anything on the CT Scan that showed any further action needed to be taken. So, now each day I keep watching my stomach increase and decrease. At times there is a area that I could feel like a lump or knot area. I would keep complaining to my surgeon and he instisted there isn't anything that is on the CT other than some fluid in the area that was where the gallbladder was removed.
  Now this brings me to the;

question # 1 ? How much fluid is normal fluid? Is the same amount okay for each and every person? Or what about a 6' 3" man compared to a 5' 2" woman, would the fluid be the same for each person? What is considered NORMAL?

question # 2 ? Would an abcess show up on a CT Scan?

question # 3 ? What about acities? Would that show up on a CT?

Well sadly to report now I don't have a doctor. He told me today that he is releasing me back to my family physcian. I asked him if there was any other test that he could do? he informed me that nothing showed up on the CT that needed further surgical attention so his services wasn't needed. But, that he highly recommends that I have my family doctor to refer me to a pain specialists. Why? What does a pain specialist do? Do they know other test that can be done that he couldn't that might work? Is this something he needs to put in writting for me or can my family physcian just send me and then they can get the testing done that I need to find out where the pain is coming from and what are causing my physical conditions? As I write this my stomach has increased another inch around the midsection and it is starting to hurt really bad. Oh! yeah, If I eat I have to almost lay in a reclining type of position. I can't sit straight up to eat. I can't a full course type of meal either, I have basically cut out all solid foods and down to a mushy type of meals and soft foods. I hurts too bad when I heat. I take zantac 150 mg 2 times a day to hopefully help so when I do eat it might not hurt my stomach.

  I have had an Upper GI and I have had a Colonoscopy and both are just fine. So this is the only thing that is out of the ordinary. The fluid, oh and just in the past 2 weeks, I am passing a kidney stone. But I have been hurting since December so I don't think these are running hand in hand. But if anyone has any answers at all for me PLEASE !!!! respond.
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I'm really sorry that you are suffering.  I'm not a doctor and I know next to nothing about this stuff but I'm learning through my own illness.  Your symptoms could be SO many things including sludge or microscopic stones in the CBD, Post-Cholecystectomy Syndrome, Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction, Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth, pancreatitis, etc. or combinations of these things.

Web groups are a fantastic resource.  Search yahoo! groups for "Sphincter", you will find quite a few groups.  Both Maddi's and Michele's are worth joining.  There is a lot of great information there that might help you.

The Doc that just released you, is he a Surgeon or a Gastroenterologist?

All the best,

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I was also experiencing extreme pain in my stomach, horrible gastric, stomach tumble, etc. To express in details it was like heat from inside causing to dry mouth and heat on my tongue for long time. Extreme pain in the stomach area feeling like having a fire inside of me. I experienced whole my body become literally red. I couldn't really find any answer from west science to solve this disorder until I came to India and got introduced to Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient indian science which has very different perspective towards west.

Based on Ayurveda every person has a different constitution, Wind, fire and earth. If we like to have a healthy life style we have to keep the all 3 elements balanced in our body. When we have the 3 elements balanced we feel happy and joyful. This science is very simple but has a depth in understanding nature out and in.

I am Pitta person, meaning my fire is overtaking on the other two elements thats I was feeling so much heat and dry mouth. I should cool myself with cold nature food to keep the balance and harmony.
Zucchini, cabbage, white rice, Broccoli, Potato, Coriander (seeds and herb) , Cocao, Coffee, Okra, Banna, Apple, mango, Coconut, Pomegranate etc. are having cooling effect on the body and should be consumed by Pitta (Fire) people.

I should take very little or highly avoid following foods having fire element in summer time:
Tomato (oh I god i love them), dried fruits and nuts, garlic, onion, Spinach, Spirulina, or any food that has a lot of Iron in it. Highly avoid sour and salty food in summer.

The main basic is to recognise which food is good for Pitta person is  by its taste. Any food that is sweet, Astringent and bitter is good for cooling the pitta people.

If you like to figure out exactly which elements are dominant in your body, please take online test to determine yours:

Please read below article of conscious food combining to avoid indigestion which causes gas in intestine:

If you like to change your perspective towards health and life in general I highly recommend you to read few books on this topic written by Vasant Lad and David Frawley. “Ayurveda: The Science of Self-healing : a Practical Guide” is one of the most popular books.

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