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CT scan

Does CT scan show chronic pancreatitis?
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please someone answer, thanks!
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Yes, in most cases it will show chronic pancreatitis.
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Thank you very much!
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I am sorry but you are wrong, CT scans will not show chronic pancreantitis untill your pancreas is severely damaged, if it is in the early stage of this disease the only good test for this is a endoscopic ultra sound, ERCPs are very dangerous be cautious not to do this, especially if you think you have a pancreas problem! Chronic pancreatitis and acute are completely different! You can have chronic and not have elevated enzymes and your ct scan can look normal, because chronic pancreatitis is a process not like acute.
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I have had really painful RUQ abdominal pain for past month.  This is the first time I've ever had this type of pain.  I am an otherwise healthy 30 yr old male.  Internal Medicine doctor immediately thought is was gallstones/sludge given location and type of pain.  In addition to blood work internal medicine doctor ordered Ultrasound and CT Scan, both of which were "unremarkable" (i.e. normal).  He then sent me to a GI doctor who ordered more blood work, and an Endoscopy, and then subsequently a MRCP, all of which again were completely normal.

I am really worried that this was liver disease and/or acute pancreatitis.  GI doctor says that based on ultrasound, CT scan, endoscopy and MRCP, there is no way that this abdominal pain is related to liver disease and/or pancreatitis.  My job requires a lot of travel and entertaining (i.e. social drinking).  GI doctor said that there is "no risk" from social drinking, and I am safe to get back to "work".  Does this sound right?  Is there anyway that all four tests and blood work missed liver disease and/or pancreatitis?
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