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Can GERD cause nausea w/o heartburn?

I throw up almost every morning, and sometimes after early meals.  Breakfast is usually out unless I want to run to the bathroom and throw up afterwards.  I recently had a scope and they discovered I have a hiatal hernia.  The doctor diagnosed me with GERD also.  My concern is that I don't have heartburn, and the prilosec doesn't seem to be stopping my vomiting/nausea.  I am only 32 and this has been going on since I was 25.  I had horrible heartburn in my early 20's which went away after taking prilosec for several years.  About 3 years after the end of the heartburn is when the throwing up started.  I also have loose stool, and have to evacuate my bowels several times a day.  Could this be Crohn's?  How do I get my doctor to listen??  Any ideas, or has anyone had any similar problems?  Thanks!! :)
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It could be gastroparesis. I have this and I get very nauseated in the morning and after meals. You would have to get a gastric emptying scan to confirm or deny.
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