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Can a bile duct injury after laparoscopic surgery actually repair itself?

My husband was having off and on abdominal pain for several months.  After a trip to our family doctor, he was diagnosed as having gallstones.  He was scheduled for surgery in a month to have his gallbladder removed.  His pain became severe so I took him into the Emergency Room.  It was decided that they would remove his gallbladder right away.  During the surgery the surgeon noticed bile leaking from his bile duct.  We were informed that an injury occurred during surgery to his bile duct.  The surgeon attempted to stitch the hole closed but the bile duct kept collapsing.  Two drains were placed, one in his abdomen and one in his bile duct.  He was sent home 5 days after his surgery with the drains still inside.  He has to constantly empty the drains and we were told to see the surgeon in 4 weeks.  I have been doing a lot of research online about bile duct injuries and everything I find says that the injury should have been repaired immediately.  The hospital we went to does not perform this procedure so he would have had to have been transferred to another hospital.  My concern is that the bile duct will not heal own its own.  Is it even possible for the bile duct to heal?  Is my husband at risk by them not doing a repair surgery right away?  We are looking at weeks where he must empty his own drains.  His incision is healing well but will they just have to open him back up again and heal all over?? We just feel like the correct steps are not being taken.  Any information or advise regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you :)
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