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Can a hernia repair cause digestive issues?

Hello. I am a 36 y.o. male. I had an inguinal hernia repaired 2 years ago. I was an open surgery (not laparoscopic) and repaired with mesh. I have not had what I consider a normal, healthy bowel movement since then. Stool is loose, often floats and stains the toilet (leaves streaks after flushing). Most BMs are urgent and occur 3+ times/day. There is sometimes a burning feeling while going and it is often difficult to wipe clean. I feel bloated/gassy often (especially upon waking) and my stomach is constantly making incredibly loud bubbling/moaning sounds. I have also had mild weight loss in the past year and an inability to gain mass via weightlifting like I could prior. Other than discomfort from bloating, I have not felt any pain.

I have seen a couple GI docs... they did blood tests, took stool samples, etc. Pancreatic elastase fecal was normal; stool fat (qualitative) was negative; abdomen xray showed "nonobstructive and nonspecific bowel gas pattern with nonspecific mild gaseous distention of small bowel loops in the left abdomen". Hydrogen breath test was negative/normal. Colonoscopy came back normal. The current GI doc has me on a fiber/probiotic supplements and I have not noticed any changes.

Could there be a link between these issues and the hernia repair?

I feel it's worth mentioning that I have had other symptoms appear around the same time as well.

My skin has thinned out to the point that blue veins are now visible all over my body. The skin is constantly dry and wounds don't seem to heel properly anymore, almost always resulting in scars. I also have developed back/shoulder/chest acne.

The muscles all over my body are always tight/sore. I seem to get tired/ slight shortness of breat from simple tasks likes walking up/down stairs. My CPK and aldolase levels are elevated and I am seeing a neurologist for these issues.

Personally I think most of these symptoms are all related to a common cause. It's too much of a coincidence that this all started around the same time (post hernia surgery)
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