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Can anyone tell me if I should be concerned about this or not?

I am a 25 year old female and I am not pregnant. I weight about 175 and have had a c-section and gallbladder surgery. I have also had tonsils and adenoids out along with sinus surgery. I have a history of GERD as well. I am concerned about something that has happened twice. It began on thanksgiving of 2019. I began feeling very bloated and about 3 am I woke up with a sharp pain in my side and I was vomiting. I then began to notice my upper, middle abdomen was very distended and hard as a rock. It almost looked like a half of a ball. This lasted about a week and I couldn’t eat anything. I went to the er to rule out appendicitis and went to a gastroenterologist to rule out anything else. The only thing they had found was elevated liver enzymes and I never went any further because after that it went away and I didn’t think anything of it again. Now I am bloated again at the top of my belly just like I was before and it is hard like it was before. I am lightheaded and kind of nauseous. The bloating hurts and almost makes me look pregnant. I occasionally have sharp pains under my rib cage. I have no fever and am under a normal amount of stress. I am just curious is this something I need to be concerned about or if it was maybe something I ate, again, and just need to do what I did last time and let it pass? Any opinions?
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That sounds very uncomfortable!  I have had exactly what you speak of before in terms of side effects and they were related to my gallbladder.  What surgery did you have for your gallbladder?
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