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Can anything make the colon move faster?

My issue seems to be the speed of which my colon moves confirmed by an MRI. It moves slow, really slow. So as you can imagine it gets backed 99% of the time. This isn't constipation, just slow moving. Is there any medications or anything that can trigger the colon to move faster?

I've tried:
Phillips Lax - yes it works, but flushes out everything nutritious, I get exhausted.
All fibers
Ate the prune and grease diets

I've helped things move through me easier but not faster, but no matter what, it's always left behind in large amounts all the way from left to right side visibly. I have to push it through by something pushing from the other end of my colon to move it, but then what pushes it through just replaces what was moved, and the clog up never goes away.

If you know of anything that would make the colon speed up, that would be very helpful. Not foods that slip through easier, but something to make the muscles in the colon wake up. A long term solution besides cutting out half of my colon. There are drugs that can slow the movement down, could there be drugs that speed it up too?

Thank you.
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Hy Crystal,

Unfortunately I can relate! Have you tried Linzess? That helps with movement. Ask for the stronger dose which I think is 290. You take it 30 minutes before you eat in the morning. Aerobic exercise, walking... all good. Make sure with any medication you check the side effects, many include constipation.

In addition in the morning I take 1 protonix, 2 spoons of mineral oil, 2 spoons milk of Magnesia & prunes. Everything one after another. Good luck and hope this helps. J
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Benadryl makes it more normal while taking it. Any ideas what Benadryl is doing?
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What is your diet? Even if your colon moves slowly, you can re-educate your bowel.

1) Physical therapy
You need to educate your colon to start moving faster again. Physical therapy is more effective than any laxatives on the market but it takes time and patience. Find someone who specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction. It could really help you.

2) STOP taking laxatives
The more laxatives you take, the more it makes your colon lazy.

3) AVOID whole grains
A lot of doctors suggest eating whole grains for constipation but it is BAD, especially when your colon isn't healthy. Whole grains act like little knives in your colon so if your colon is irritated, it's just going to irritate it more. STOP eating ALL kind of grains. If you do have to eat grains, don't eat processed grains like flour and breads.

4) CUT ALL dairy products and reduce animal products in general.
Dairy products can make you constipated because they are very hard to digest.

5) Don't eat WHEAT
Wheat can cause gastrointestinal issues such as constipation.

6) Don't eat greasy food

7) Follow ''food combining'' (google it for more information)
- Eat fruit on empty stomach and don't combine fruit with protein or starches
- Don't eat protein with starches
- Vegetables combine well with most foods
- etc.

8) Eat a friendly diet (mostly plant-based diet) :

Breakfast : Fruit smoothies or green smoothies in the morning,
Lunch : Big salad at lunch, vegetables soup
Diner : Lean protein with vegetables

- Don't eat fruit after diner
- Avoid white sugar and grains
- Cook with coconut oil or take 1-2 tablespoons a day (good for digestion and for your health in general)
- Avoid vegetable oil like the plague
- Avoid fast food and fried food
- Avoid nuts for a while but if you eat them, soak them in water the night before.
- Drink Lemon juice in hot water before meals (it can be helpful)
- Make vegetables juice

If you want to heal... you will have to be patient.

You should also look into water fasting and juice fasting. Obviously, if you do this, you will need to find a good health center because you can't do this on your own.

Here's a great article on fasting :

Be kind to your colon. Healing takes time.
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Yes, Colonoscopy and MRI + slide show of images to show speed of motion.
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Have you had any diagnostic imaging done or a colonoscopy to have a look? A colonoscopy is the gold standard for finding physical issues with the colon as far as I know.
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Also tried Amitiza, didn't help either.
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