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Can beets make diarrhea look bloody?

I was in the hospital the past couple days because they thought I might have appendicitis, but ultrasounds and CT scans were normal except some free flluid so finlly they said I had a "virus in my intestines". I had abdominal pain (first on my right side, then moving all over my abdomen, especially below and to the right of my belly button), swelling, tenderness, pressure on my bladder, nausea and vomiting, low-grade fever, fatigue. However my bowel movements were normal... until now.

I had borsh (beet soup made with beet juice and pieces of beet) for dinner. Three hours later I suddenly have diarrhea. It appears bright orangy-red with little chucks of the same colour. Is it blood or just the beets??!!!!

If it is blood, how concerned should I be and when must I contact a doctor?
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  Yes, beets can make diarrhea look bloody, and this is probably the case of your red diarrhea.
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Yes, I agree, its been over 12 hours now and my condition has not worstened so it must be just the beets after being on an IV and not eating for 2 days!

I'm still unsure about this recurring viral infection though, my doctor was very vague, does this condition have a name? I can't find anything.

I know I have to avoid oily or greasy food and alcohol, but what else should I be eating/avoiding? Meat, dairy, sugar, fiber?

Should I be taking multivitamins to make sure I get my nutrients?
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What do you mean by recurring viral infection?  How many times has this happened?
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It happened the first time a year ago when I was in Bolivia. I threw up and had moderate abdominal pains (all over), body aches, fatigue, lowgrade fever. I saw a doctor, at a specific spot (to the right of my belly button) he said "oh, there's an infection here". He prescribed ten days of Cipro. I would get extremely bloated if I ate anything oily and I threw up anytime I had alcohol for 4 months following. I never had diarrhea or constipation. When I got back home a few weeks later I saw a doctor at a travel clinic and without telling her about the Bolivian doctor she pressed the same spot on my abdomen and said "I can feel you had an infection here". Coincidence? Tests for parasites were negative and I had been vaccinated for Hep A, Hep B, thyphoid, dengue, yellow fever... everything!

Thiis time, I had more severe abdominal pain all over and always changing but especially in my lower right side at first but the same spot as mentioned above was still the most sensitive, yet CT scans didn't show anything. Anyway, the doctor thinks my tropical infection probably weakened my intestines and I should be sensitive and susceptible for the next 3-4 years, he thinks I will keep getting these infections until my intestines fully recover. Because the pain was all over and changing, not confined to only one place, he believes that it is a virus, not bacteria.

My main concern is that I should be having a laparoscopy soon for removing an ovarian cyst, I am worried about having an infection in my abdomen, especially one that is likely to come back. What can I do or eat to make sure I stay healthy?
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new symptom: out of the blue I discover a fairly large lump on my anus, I think its a hemorrhoid! How could that be? I haven't been "straining" anything, could the bloating and swelling have caused enough pressure to cause a hemarroid? Is it something else related to this virus in my intestines?

Never had one before! I don't get why I'm suddenly getting all these health problems :(
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In most cases, a doctor can't conclude that you have/had an infection just by touching your abdomen.  I would recommend you see your doctor about this new lump.
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I get that reaction from beets because of a beet allergy. I get hemmoroids
everytime I get an intesitnal flare up from eating something I am allergic to or if I get the runs. Also beets can cause your bowel movements to look
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