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Can chronic pancreatic stone cause cancer?

My father is 55years old. He is a patient of diabetic for last 15 years. Also he had heart attack two times and has mild dysfunction in his LV. He is taking medicine for 3 years. Suddenly he is suffering from mild lower abdominal pain and the USG report is chronic pancreatic stone.

My question is...
1. Can chronic pancreatic stone cause cancer?
2. How to relief this pain without removing stone? Please write the name of the medicine which is suitable for heart patient.
3. Is it possible to remove stone for such an extreme heart patient.
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There is great need for your Dad to be getting appropriate treatment by a qualified dr.

In the meantime...there is a good article below that may be able to answer many of the questions you have...


It explains causes, complications and treatments.

Hope your Dad feels better soon. You need to make sure the dr. is taking care of this soon. Dr and/or specialist will be able to read the reports and make the exams and recommendations for the best outcome for your Dad with his other conditions in mind.

Chronic pancreatitis can cause diabetes and pancreatic cancer.


You can read the above article and it may help you with things to talk to dr about.

Take care...
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