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Can edema ever be a symptom of GI disease?

I've had chronic generalized pitting (in lower legs) for almost two years and none of my docs are offering me a cause/dx. I've been tested for the usual suspects of kidney, heart and liver disease but everything checked out okay. My protein and albumin levels are normal too. The edema started at the same time that I began experiencing GI symptoms, mostly diarrhea, bloating and upper left quadrant pain.

I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy that showed lots of inflammation in my digestive system, especially in my stomach and colon. Doc noted severe chronic erosive gastritis, lower esophageal inflammation, and a patch of inflammation in my colon. He says that I don't have Chrohn's or autoimmune colitis but he can't explain the inflammation. He says the edema and GI issues aren't connected but after living with all this stuff for several years, I believe that the two are related in some way because when the edema is at it's worst, the gi symptoms are usually flaring as well. I've never experience worsening edema without worsening diarrhea and vice versa.

I was on the thin side prior to edema (i put on 30 pounds from the fluid) and don't have any issues with diabetes or high blood pressure. I've also been screened for thyroid diseases, Lyme, Celiac's, autoimmune markers, etc and so far nothing is amiss, save for high white blood cells readings, which docs says is probably due to chronic inflammation. I'm not taking any meds

At this point, my doc just tells me to head to The Cleveland Clinic b/c she's out of options

Has anyone ever heard of anything like this. It seems that I'm in a minority with these two symptoms

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