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Can stomach acid cause hunger, weakness and tiredness?


I will tell my story here as short as possible and hopefully get an answer, because I am really frustrated.

I am female, 21yo, 5'3'' and 120lbs. I started rhythmic gymnastics as a child. When I was 15, my coaches told me I was too fat and need to loose weight if I want to continue training. I starved myself for about 4 months, then I started eating a lot and vomiting afterwards. Luckily, I didn't need to make myself vomit, it was usually pretty easy to just regurgigate it. I sometimes did it 3-4 times a day, then I was clean for days but needed to do it again and so on. I wanted it to stop, but couldn't help myself. I guess my mind wasn't really ill, I never felt too fat or wanted to loose weight, but after some time I just couldn't stop doing it!
After a year I got clean, but had some fall-backs of binge eating and vomiting every now and then. I am completely clean for 3 years now. I also started artistic gymnastics and I am doing great, I never think about my weight or what I eat, I just try to eat healthily and enough of everything to be a strong healthy gymnast. I will never do rhythmic gymnastics again! I am also studying sports so I have regular check-ups at the doctors - I am super healthy!

So anyways, there is something that bothers me a lot.
When I tried to get "clean" from the whole starving, eating, vomiting thing and ate normally, after a meal I was usually full forever. It felt as if I had stones in my tummy, it really took me long to digest it. Of course, this is pretty normal, because my whole metabolism slowed down and got confused, my stomach produced too less stomach acid etc. But around my 19th birthday, everything was fine again and I could eat normally.

But since about a year, it's totally diffferent. I am feeling great, healthy, energized, I eat enough, get all my vits and stuff. But then it starts out of nowhere. In the morning, I have a burning in my stomach. It feels as if I hadn't eaten for years, it's not a "normal" hunger thing. Even if I eat 7 bowls of oat meal, this might help for some minutes, but then it starts again. I also have no feeling of satiety. My stomach is geeting bigger and bigger from all the food, but I feel full at no point and no way am I going to throw up!

This used to happen about every 12 weeks, stayed for one about 1 week and then went away again. But now it is coming more frequently. Sometimes it stays for some days, but sometimes for 2 weeks! It is sooo annoying, I feel shaky from inside, hungry but my stomach seems to explode every second and totally tired and soooo weak!

I remember having a similar feeling after I threw up when I had my eating disorder. After I vomited I had the feeling of needing to eat but I didn't feel full at all.

I am also feeling suuuper tired. I could sleep forever. When I try to work out, I get dizzy. I actually have the symptoms of hypoglycemia, but my blood sugar is always perfect. My thyroid is working as well.

I have no nausea, no reflux or heartburn but I do have bloating.

Can this be an excess of stomach acid? I am soooo frustrated!
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Your symptoms might be from stomach acid. It could also be from an ulcer. Have you talked to your Dr about your symptoms yet? If not, I highly recommend you do. If you talk to your primary Dr he/she may recommend a gasto specialist.
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Helo are u okay now? Cause I have problem like that if u r okay can u share how you medicate it ? Thank u
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