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Cancer or slow healing?

I am afraid to eat bc it hurts so bad.
-I was healthy until my Appendix ruptured with severe sepsis April/11. (Open Appy-10 days in Hospital)
-Developed "IBS-C"
-Gallbladder attacks started June/13 with lap choly Oct/13 (out-patient)
-Gallstone in Common Bile Duct resolved with ECRP Dec/13 with Transaminitis. (5 days in Hospital)
-Home for a day, went back with sepsis for 12 days.
-on New Years Day, I was told my CT Scans were indicative of Pseudomyxoma Peritonei as I have masses on my liver, cecum & rt ovary. This is not believed by my current GE.
-my CA 125 is normal
Ever since, I can't seem to recover. I struggle to eat 1000cal/day, get full fast, trouble sleeping, constant nausea, zero energy, wasting & have lost 35lbs.
I feel best when I don't eat. The pain is almost immediate when I do. I get "liver spasms" that are so intense I will scream in pain a few moments. My liver enzymes have finally trended normal. My Gamma GT has been the marker, yet I don't drink. I recently started pot brownies for nausea & appetite with positive results.
I have no quality of life & I'm tired of hearing, "it just takes time."
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Hi, surgeries bring with them the consequences of adhesions and these can cause many symptoms ranging from nausea to severe vomiting. Caution is needed to gauze the symptoms and judge when further intervention is needed. The findings on lab tests are usually correlated with clinical symptoms. So, for now you can focus on taking smaller meals at frequent intervals and see if it helps. Focus on eating fresh appetising food. Regards.
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