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Can't a Doctor Answer Our Questions??

I am SOO glad I found these posts ! I thought I was the only one as all of you felt!
Anytime I told a doc this he would laugh...I went to the head of the dept of a hospital here in
Colorado. Same thing. Did all the tests upper, lower, swallow test, barium...said he "Stretched" my esophogus during the endoscopy ...He said that might help...to come back if it dosn't work (?) He DID say that it makes sense that while laying on my left side the gurgle is worse and on the right none.
Isnt this a MEDHELP forum? Why isn't a doctor stepping in to this forum with his/her expertise ???

I also have fibromyalgia and endometriosis-Just was wondering if any of you do also
Do any of you have severe neck and shoulder and lower back aches?

I am finding the reason for my anxiety with this ...i am 54 and this can mimic a heart attack-what if I am having a heart attack and just think it is this ailment...scary
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I hear ya!!!  I was thinking that doctors posted here too but it seems like the only way to get the docs opinion is to pay for it.  I have severe gastritis right now.....I have been diagnosed with IBS for years....have had bleeding ulcers....have FIBROMYALGIA and the anxiety is worse when you have fibro I seemed to have found.  I haven't told a soul that it scares me at times that it could be a heart attack....because deep down I just know it's ingestion.  I had all the tests before too and the ulcer is all they came up but that was 3 years ago.  I am having this new bout and doc keeps putting off a scope.  I have also had a gastric bypass and I keep explaining it almost feels like it's where the pouch is attatched to the intestines but he says "ohh that probably wouldn't cause it".
You realize.......or maybe I shouldn't assume, but I have found when you have Fibro...doctors don't always seem to take  you seriously....I know that I seem to ALWAYS have some medical issue one after another.  If it is the pain from the fibro and yes sever neck and shoulders....than it's gastro issues......even carpal tunnel a few months back..  It just seems to go on and on....
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I had our problem..same thing and it was " My Lungs."
Get A Plumonologist and ask for - chest x-ray and a lung expiration test.( spirography)
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