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Can't burp, no pain! don't know what to do!

Where can i go for help with this? are there any tests i can do?

im 25, and I can't burp properly. I regularly feel gas, but I can't burp.
I can retch gas out of my stomach, but it brings food with it. If I don't it happens anyway, but more forcefully, and can even make me vomit after. its daily, anytime, not all the time and can vary in intensity but it incapacitates me when it happens. the only time i burp close to normal is when i drink soda.

The only thing anyone has determined is my esophagus doesn't move much when swallowing, and my stomach empties a little slower than normal, and they keep saying its idiopathic. Symptoms began after Glandular fever with Splenomegaly and Hepatitis 5 years ago.

Ive had barium swallow, and a gastric emptying study and a 24-Hour Esophageal pH Test. the doctor used this to prescribe nortryptiline, which did nothing, and has no treatment for burping. he wont do any more tests and wants to prescribe me heavy medication for neuropathic pain

Symptoms: Retching, Nausea, feeling of bubble in stomach.

Symptoms i DONT have but doctors keep trying to treat: pain, burning, vomiting

Symptoms i have SOMETIMES, and ONLY when i eat milk products or 'fish and chips', that doctors cant seem to get past: indigestion, flatulence and excess gas, loose stool, and bowel irritability.

various GP doctors keep saying its GERD or IBS but the treatment doesn't work, and i dont even have the symptoms!
I tried EVERYTHING they said and tried all different kinds of diets.
when they fail to treat me they tell me its psychological, likley because i was left with depression and chronic fatigue for 2 years after glandular fever. i havnt felt depressed or anxious for 3 years!

I have no money, no insurance (healthcare is free here, but they are reluctant to give it out), no job for 20 months

The gastro specialist i saw said its because of paresis and they can't treat it but i don't have any of the pain, vomiting, diarrhea, heartburn or reflux! and that doesn't explain why i can't burp! he wont do any more tests because he says hes already found the answer.

what test are there? where else can i go? my life has been on hold for 5 years, im 25 and i want to start my life!

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Hi, hope diabetes has been ruled out. Diabetes mellitus can cause autonomic neuropathy and consequent slower motility of the intestinal tract. Medications to promote motility may help in emptying the intestines by promoting motility. Abdominal bloating can happen with consumption of excess sugars, indigestion and aerophagia. In general, too much fat or sugar-like substances and insufficient fiber aggravate symptoms. Intolerance to milk products is also known. Maintain a food diary and try to identify those foods which are likely to produce bloating and avoid them. Regards.
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it says i rarely ever feel bloated, thats because i dont eat the foods that make me feel bloated. the only reason why i mentioned that is because it is the only thing anyone focuses on but its almost non existent. if i ate large amounts of food that would make me bloated then yes, like anyone else, i would feel bloated but this has absolutely nothing to do with my burp/retching. i do not have diabetes and i still have the same problem whether its water or anything i eat or drink...
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